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a blog post a day in the month of may

i decided to challenge myself. i’ve gotten comfortable in the routine of my life, which is good, but i also don’t get a lot of time to do anything for me. well at least monday thru friday. i work at … Continue reading

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“i want to be a mommy when i grow up!!” ~ traci, age 3

i’m writing this post for  those i love and those i don’t even know traveling down a painful road. i’m writing for those other women out there that want to be a mom and aren’t yet for one reason or … Continue reading

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something so small……meant so very much. <3

for all 38 years of my life valentine’s day has been a “holiday” in my family. my mom never wanted to miss an opportunity to exchange cards and presents and well, who was i to rebel against that?? we never … Continue reading

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Don’t forget to chase rainbows….

Last night something amazing happened. A tiny act, yet monumental in my life. Something that has changed me forever. 15-hours ago I was a different person than I am now sitting here and typing this. Why you ask? While scrolling … Continue reading

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This Blows!!!!

Consider this your PSA of the day…….for all of those of you who do any online shopping thru Amazon or any of it’s partner sites including,,, et al, as of December 1st, 2013 the United States Postal … Continue reading

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….and on the 8th night of Hanukkah, we learn something new!

Well, they say “you learn something new every day” and while the older I get the more I find that to be true, I will admit it’s been quite some time since I’ve learned anything about Judaism or a Jewish … Continue reading

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As the leaves change, it reminds me it’s time for some change…….

This post is not easy for me to write. In fact I’ll be honest it’s been in my head for over a month now and because I’m so emotional and sensitive about it I think it’s just been easier not … Continue reading

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