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1 + 1 = ???

well…… i’ve done some blog upgrading and changing around this weekend. i decided after writing my last post early yesterday morning that in reality i don’t want to keep up 2 blogs, i’d like to merge them together. but i … Continue reading

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unfinished business

are you someone who has unfinished business with someone in your life?? i don’t. i’m proud to say that i feel like i have made sure to say what’s needed to be said to those that needed to hear it. … Continue reading

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all my life i wanted one…..

For 35 years I waited. and waited, and it never happened. I had hoped and prayed for as long as I could remember. I remember being told in the hallways of Cedars Sinai Hospital I now had a beautiful, healthy … Continue reading

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a mother’s day reminder…..

it’s friday morning, an hour before my alarm was to go off, i have some extra time and i’m LONG overdue for a blog post! i think that march & april have been so painful for me that i spent … Continue reading

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i want this to be over….

sometimes i wish i could be immune. immune from pain once i’ve lived through it and begun to heal. immune to the mean things people say intentionally or without thinking. immune to being hurt out of disappointment. immune to remembering … Continue reading

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As I sit here at 4:40am PST on a Sunday morning, enjoying the quiet and just thinking about life, I find myself realizing how much I’ve changed.  How different I am. How I’m evolving as a person. A year ago … Continue reading

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Survival Mode…..

Well this blog has sure been a source of sunshine and roses lately.  Sorry about that. I write to get things out of my head and right now things just kinda suck.  I’ve had it much much worse, but, I … Continue reading

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