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a mother’s day reminder…..

it’s friday morning, an hour before my alarm was to go off, i have some extra time and i’m LONG overdue for a blog post! i think that march & april have been so painful for me that i spent … Continue reading

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i want this to be over….

sometimes i wish i could be immune. immune from pain once i’ve lived through it and begun to heal. immune to the mean things people say intentionally or without thinking. immune to being hurt out of disappointment. immune to remembering … Continue reading

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As I sit here at 4:40am PST on a Sunday morning, enjoying the quiet and just thinking about life, I find myself realizing how much I’ve changed.  How different I am. How I’m evolving as a person. A year ago … Continue reading

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Survival Mode…..

Well this blog has sure been a source of sunshine and roses lately.  Sorry about that. I write to get things out of my head and right now things just kinda suck.  I’ve had it much much worse, but, I … Continue reading

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Two Years of my Blog……..not quite the post I’d planned.

Today is the 2-year anniversary of my starting this blog!!! How far I’ve come. I even look like a new person now, two years later!! I’ve learned SO MUCH about me and now I still have so much more TO … Continue reading

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Purim, Let’s Celebrate!

……wanting to continue my educating on Judaism and our traditions, yesterday, Friday, began the holiday of Purim in the Jewish religion. It’s a VERY happy, jovial holiday.  A time To celebrate, have fun, be silly, dress-up and enjoy! The Definition: … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Mindy McCready……your light went out far too soon.

I can’t help but just sit here and stare at the headlines. Mindy McCready, a HUGE Country Star from the 80’s & 90’s committed suicide successfully today.  She’s been troubled for years, in and out of rehab, she’s lost custody … Continue reading

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IMPORTANT information to know in case of an emergency!!

Well this post is going to be short and to the point! I’ve had to write a few letters tonight and somehow it’s 1am and I’m not yet in bed yet and I’m working all day tomorrow. Cranky Traci will … Continue reading

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I had no choice, I was bred to be a night owl!

All my life I have stayed up late. It’s a blessing and a curse but it’s an inherited trait and Friday night my friend Michelle pointed out I truly was bred and trained to be a night owl, almost as … Continue reading

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a guest post from my friend Kristina of Sew Curly

This is a repost from my friend Kristina of Sew Curly Creations. Kristina is an amazing mom and business owner and while we live 2,710 miles apart (approx), are from different faiths and have never met in person, we have deeply connected, and … Continue reading

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