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more red balloons

This Saturday is May 2nd. It will be one year since Ryan Cruz Saldana was killed and taken from Jacqui and Dan. 365 days later and I still can’t rectify it in my head or my heart. I don’t understand … Continue reading

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Protected: it’s not invisible anymore…..

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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bar mitzvah weekend 2014!

okay so i totally screwed up. i agree to a blog a day in the month of may and then on may 3rd i dropped the ball!!! BUT, to be fair i was busy having amazing bar mitzvah fun celebrating … Continue reading

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Don’t forget to chase rainbows….

Last night something amazing happened. A tiny act, yet monumental in my life. Something that has changed me forever. 15-hours ago I was a different person than I am now sitting here and typing this. Why you ask? While scrolling … Continue reading

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the disney lover who’s disappointed in disney :-(

For all who want to know what’s been going on with me today (Wednesday) I’m gonna give you a detailed description because while in the grand scheme of life IT IS NOT A BIG DEAL, it caused a big, embarrassing … Continue reading

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the adoption saga, and update from last night

today is a new day and unfortunately after last night, life is looking and feeling bleaker than ever. i’m trying to pull it together to write so that i can update all of you who have been so kind and … Continue reading

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carseat safety warning!!!

i was talking with a friend of mine over the weekend and after discussing it, i decided i wanted to post on it so that everyone had the information that i have. i’m not going to post statistics. i’m not … Continue reading

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1 + 1 = ???

well…… i’ve done some blog upgrading and changing around this weekend. i decided after writing my last post early yesterday morning that in reality i don’t want to keep up 2 blogs, i’d like to merge them together. but i … Continue reading

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unfinished business

are you someone who has unfinished business with someone in your life?? i don’t. i’m proud to say that i feel like i have made sure to say what’s needed to be said to those that needed to hear it. … Continue reading

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all my life i wanted one…..

For 35 years I waited. and waited, and it never happened. I had hoped and prayed for as long as I could remember. I remember being told in the hallways of Cedars Sinai Hospital I now had a beautiful, healthy … Continue reading

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