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a walk down memory lane….

sometimes something happens that catches me completely off guard and its like i’ve been catapulted into my past. into one of the chapters long since closed. long since grieved for. sometimes, its a song, running into someone, or finding something … Continue reading

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a DIY project with the kids!!!

so this week we were on lockdown. quarantine. sequestered. and I had to entertain a rambunctious 4-year old little girl who would rather jet set to other parts unknown or go to the mall apparently I learned this week after … Continue reading

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please, for your children.

I wrote this post almost 2 years ago………..and tonight I feel the need to share it again. And I will keep sharing it as long as I keep hearing about young children drowning in preventable situations. ************************************************************************************** Okay guys, time … Continue reading

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carseat safety warning!!!

i was talking with a friend of mine over the weekend and after discussing it, i decided i wanted to post on it so that everyone had the information that i have. i’m not going to post statistics. i’m not … Continue reading

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The Miracle of Time Flying……

So today’s Blog Dare topic doesn’t apply, it starts with “Mommy…….”, and well since the only possible mommy callers are dogs, I really would have nothing to add here! 😉 I’m sitting here on the 1st birthday of my dear … Continue reading

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IMPORTANT information to know in case of an emergency!!

Well this post is going to be short and to the point! I’ve had to write a few letters tonight and somehow it’s 1am and I’m not yet in bed yet and I’m working all day tomorrow. Cranky Traci will … Continue reading

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Be Still My Heart! <3

Friday January 11, 2013 Today’s blog prompt isn’t a topic I can write on. Not because I’m too emotional. Not because it’s controversial. But because I can’t. The topic is, “This year’s family vacation…”.  I have no family, and, well … Continue reading

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baby brady, you already own my heart!

dear brady, formerly “thing 3”, friday will be 6-weeks since you came into this world. 6 whole weeks. i almost forget what it was like before you were here! when you were on your way here to being born, i … Continue reading

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could someone please explain???

so, i have some questions i’d love some answers to. i’m not trying to start trouble. i’m not trying to stir a pot, but as a former preschool director with over 60 ECE units (you need 6 to be a … Continue reading

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Thing 3 will soon have a name!

to my new sidekick, as you are on your way into the world <3!!! tonight’s the night!!!  well, i guess it’s this morning now! i got the call at 2:45am, just 2 hours after falling asleep, so to say i’m … Continue reading

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