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a DIY project with the kids!!!

so this week we were on lockdown. quarantine. sequestered. and I had to entertain a rambunctious 4-year old little girl who would rather jet set to other parts unknown or go to the mall apparently I learned this week after … Continue reading

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please, for your children.

I wrote this post almost 2 years ago………..and tonight I feel the need to share it again. And I will keep sharing it as long as I keep hearing about young children drowning in preventable situations. ************************************************************************************** Okay guys, time … Continue reading

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our silent heroes

this might seem like a random post and it kinda is. i’ve always had a huge affinity for the police department and then by no surprise dated a police officer. i¬†was obsessed with police shows. everything related to law enforcement … Continue reading

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random thoughts by traci volume 1

it occurred to me tonight kind of out of the blue that i somehow got stuck on this serious topic business of the blog. indicative of my state of mind i’m sure, but not really who i am. somehow i … Continue reading

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Protected: it’s not invisible anymore…..

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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unanswered prayers

yesterday i was given THE best gift of my life. my friend and her husband and baby came to town and i offered to take the 22-month old so they could go out to dinner and then he just stayed … Continue reading

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what’s on my mind tonight

i don’t really want to write. i don’t really have anything to say. not anything that matters. ryan saldana’s family is on my mind. constantly. some people don’t understand. that’s okay. i won’t try and explain. but i will explain … Continue reading

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red balloons have new meaning

i have no words. in the 2 hours since i’ve read about this, i cannot think of anything else. i have nothing to share. i have nothing important to post. nothing that could top the saddness i felt when i … Continue reading

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bar mitzvah weekend 2014!

okay so i totally screwed up. i agree to a blog a day in the month of may and then on may 3rd i dropped the ball!!! BUT, to be fair i was busy having amazing bar mitzvah fun celebrating … Continue reading

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change of plans!!

i had every intention if sharing with you today about the VERY exciting weekend starting at 5pm today……..but I interrupt this previously planned post to tell you about a little scare I had yesterday! before i start, i am absolutely … Continue reading

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