Our Yom Kippur 2018

Becoming a parent, I have made clear I didn’t want Sloane to change our lives but to enhance them. And that she will just learn to go-with-the-flow. And so far, she’s done awesome.

We take her to concerts and restaurants. We have taken her to museums and  parties. She can totally hang. We have been very lucky that she loves people and loves going out and doing new things with us.

So when Yom Kippur arrived this year I thought it was important that we took Sloane to synagogue with us. They offer a “Tot” service that would be perfect for her, but, its at 8am and that’s like the middle of the night for Sloane so we opted instead to take her to the 1pm school aged service.

We got Sloane dressed up in her best white clothes for the Day of Atonement.

She could not stop repeating, “I can’t wait to go to Temple, I’m so escited!!” which made my heart swell.

We pull into the parking lot at Temple Beth Hillel and in her adorable 2 year old little voice she says, “We are HERE! We are HERE!” at which time I realize I had forgotten our tickets on our kitchen counter. Luckily we live only 8 minutes away so we quickly ran home to get them. All the while explaining to a frustrated toddler that we ARE indeed going back to temple we just have to get something mommy forgot at home first.

We pull back into the temple and again hear “We are HERE! We are HERE!” followed by “I can’t wait to see Rabbi Ellie and Rabbi Sarah!!!!”

I explain as we are walking into the synagogue and up to the sanctuary that while we would see Rabbi Ellie and Rabbi Sarah up on the Bima (stage) we would not in fact be able to talk to them today. I explained that we were so lucky we had just seen them on Saturday at the beach but that they were VERY busy today, we could wave but we could not talk to them.

We go and sit in the back of the sanctuary, like as far back as possible in the folding chair area hoping that we won’t disturb anyone but we can still enjoy and appreciate the service.  I sit on the end so that Sloane can walk around and watch the Bima and see. Me, stupidly hoping that if she could see she would enjoy the service more.

The service had already begun thanks to our double trip to temple, but we were able to set up shop and thought we were doing fairly well. We had arrived, all dressed with all our belongings and Sloanie by 1:05pm.

That’s when Sloane, in her NOT QUIET VOICE says to me, “I cannot see Rabbi Ellie, I can’t see Rabbi Ellie.” I ask her to speak in her whisper voice and tell her we can walk closer and watch quietly as they sing. So I pick her up and walk along the east wall of the synagogue so that Sloane can see better.

Suddenly chatty cathy decides she has more to say, in her not so quiet voice she says “oh, Rabbi Ellie, I lub you. Oh Rabbi Sarah I Lub you too.” Which IS precious and adorable, don’t get me wrong, its just not necessarily appropriate at that time! fullsizeoutput_3709

Me: “Sloane, we need to be quiet, all of these people are here to listen to the rabbi’s we can’t be talking loudly”.

“Okay mommy” in the quietest voice she has ever used.

So we stand there a little longer, she’s very excited to be there which makes me happy and she’s watching the Rabbi’s and the teens that were participating in the service.

All of a sudden, like only a two year old can do, she suddenly discovers the stained glass window behind us she has seen hundreds of times already, but because the way the afternoon sun was hitting it, it truly was magical looking, she decides to talk about the stained glass.

Again, in her not so quiet toddler voice.

“Oh mommy yook at the red! The green! The blue! Oh mommy, yook at the lellow!”

I look around embarrassed and quietly nod and apologize to those around where I was standing. I whisper to Sloane that we need to go back to our seats because we are disturbing the congregants.

We get back to our seats and while I’m frustrated that my plan to take Sloane to Yom Kippur services is proving more frustrating and exhausting than I ever could have dreamt she decides to say in her again, not so quiet voice, “I lub you mommy and daddy” and our heats melted.

And we bolted out of there. 43 minutes we lasted.

I will forever refer to 2018 Yom Kippur as the day “we tried”.

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2 Responses to Our Yom Kippur 2018

  1. Dina Ochs says:

    Out of mouth of babes, precious words, precious memories from a precious little girl. No one could be upset at a little innocent child who is experiencing this for the first time. ❤️

  2. O. M. G. This was us at Maundy Thursday service this year! But y’all were WAY cuter!!! For us, it was the first time we’d gone in YEARS and it was a awful. We didn’t leave but the four big kids ended up taking the babies outside. And, no, it wasn’t the babies that were being disruptive. 🤦🏻‍♀️

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