change isn’t a bad word

IMG_9402.JPG i love butterflies. i’ve always loved eric carle’s story of the hungry caterpillar. it’s one of those important messages given to us early in life.

i ran across this quote earlier this week and it made me stop. as i’m in the midst of some change it made me stop. it made me realize in the midst of all of this haze in my head that in the end, change is imminent. change means you are alive. and change actually makes beautiful things.

today i was sitting listening to the rain, talking to a friend about some things and i thought about this quote. i realized that in the midst of change there are so many gifts to be seen.

like a rainbow through the rain…….. it’s opened my eyes up in a way they haven’t been in a long time.

i’ve met some amazing new people because of change.

i’ve made some interesting realizations about myself because of change.

i’ve come to embrace how much there is to be gained because of change.

i always view change as a loss of some kind. i’m so damn regimented that anything that throws that off, throws me off. but the truth is, i’m learning, sometimes shaking things up, opens your eyes to so much that was right there in front of you but you couldn’t see before.

so right now, today, in THIS MOMENT, i’m feeling the good that is coming from change.

i’m sorry i haven’t been on this blog much. that is something that REALLY needs to change. i love writing. i just haven’t been very motivated or focused lately. more change to come! for now, please bare with me……i will be back more regularly. sig_blue

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2 Responses to change isn’t a bad word

  1. M says:

    Short and sweet. Change is scary and exciting. Enjoyed reading your post. More please.

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