a DIY project with the kids!!!

so this week we were on lockdown. quarantine. sequestered. and I had to entertain a rambunctious 4-year old little girl who would rather jet set to other parts unknown or go to the mall apparently I learned this week after having to say no to Chicago, Georgia, and a visit to see my mom!

we had all sorts of crafts to do but nothing was really sticking, and then suddenly yesterday morning I must’ve come out of my illness fog and remembered I used to be a preschool teacher and could pull activities out of my butt! (and I was quite proud of this one I might add!)

it was super simple.

all you need for supplies are:

  • – plastic containers, we used empty Danimals bottles (drinkable yogurt)
  • – tissue paper in various colors cut up into small squares (or ripped up into small pieces)
  • – glue with water mixed in for a sticky yet thin texture
  • – a paint brush



First you drink the yummy yogurt! 🙂


Then you rinse out the container and rip off the label.


Cut up tissue in a myriad of colors. I went with fucsia, lavender, purple, blue and sparkly gold knowing my audience.


Grab some white glue and mix it with some water in a small bowl and grab a paint brush and your tissue and you’re ready to go!


Sorry for no action shots, but you decopauge the tissue onto the plastic container. You can put a thin layer of the glue mixture directly onto the plastic vase and then lay the tissue paper pieces down one by one and as you stick them down you saturate them on top to make them stay. when the whole thing is down it will appear to be covered in the white glue but the glue dries clear and hard. *this vase here was made completely by a 4-year-old with minimal help from me*


And voila! We let them dry during naptime and then went for a quick walk and cut a few flowers to fill our vases!


Makes a very cute bud vase if done well could be used for a baby shower or bridal shower. You can add glitter or sparkles on top if you so desire. Your options are endless!!


See, I told you it was simple but cute! I’m not a DIYer normally so this is a great, easy, fun project for the you and the kids!!


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2 Responses to a DIY project with the kids!!!

  1. jess says:

    What a cute idea!

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