our silent heroes

bigstock_Fire_Department_Emblem_5049554-297x300this might seem like a random post and it kinda is. i’ve always had a huge affinity for the police department and then by no surprise dated a police officer.

i was obsessed with police shows. everything related to law enforcement as far back as i can remember. but i never had exposure to much fire dept related. i’ve always appreciated the job they did, but never did i know what i was going to learn.

Chicago_Firebut in the past few weeks i’ve become OBSESSED with Chicago Fire (and Chicago PD but this post isn’t about that).

i am riveted because i have learned so much about what firemen really deal with on a daily basis that i never thought of before. i’ve never needed their help, THANK GOD, so having never really pondered what goes into the life of a fireman (and EMT) i never pictured what they see on a daily basis.

i never imagined what choices they often have to make in a split second.

i never imagined the emotions involved in their jobs on a daily basis.

i ignorantly only had pictured them putting out fires. that’s about it.

i pictured the pumper and the hook & ladder and that was that.

but through the new show Chicago Fire i have had the opportunity to learn so much more about what a fireman deals with on a daily basis.

the gruesome accident scenes they see. imagesZMVGWW49

the lives they save while putting their own at risk.

the terrifying situations they put themselves into daily in order to do their job.

i don’t know that thank you would ever be enough.

i do know that i will never take for granted the job of a firefighter.

i have a few friends that ARE firefighters and you know who you are, and i dedicate this post to you. for all that you do every day that you go to work. for every day that you leave your families to work with your brothers (& sisters) of your firehouse.


and thank you Dick Wolf and NBC for opening my eyes to something I’m ashamed to say i wasn’t realistic about for 38 years. the firemen out there are the true heroes of our world. ❤


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