random thoughts by traci volume 1

it occurred to me tonight kind of out of the blue that i somehow got stuck on this serious imagine_box_atopic business of the blog.

indicative of my state of mind i’m sure, but not really who i am.

somehow i want to start sharing some of the bizarre shit that happens to me and only me, and i want to share my quirks and some of the things that i like or don’t like or do or don’t do that have people commonly referring to me as an enigma. 😉

for starters, i need to figure out how to get into a better writing place. i want to write all the time, but with my not being a morning person, you wouldn’t get anything upbeat or appealing then, and lately, i find at night i’m just so exhausted that i take my laptop out, i fire up wordpress, and then i sit here watching tv zoning out.

so, i bought one of those iPad cases that has a Bluetooth keyboard, figured i’d try it out. it was a cheap knockoff i got on groupon (my first groupon purchase EVER, yes, shocking to many of you i’m sure.) and hopefully it will help me write when a certain toddler-to-be decides to nap and i have some time to think. (which in reality, should increase my blog posts from 1 per week to maybe 2! LOL)

i can’t really tell you what triggered this next thought. i’m AT home and haven’t been women's restroom signanywhere but work today, so i’m blanking on what i saw or did that prompted what I’ve decided will be my first quirk announcement! LOL.

i don’t use public bathrooms. like ever. i can tell you where they are most places i go because my mom or my best friend seem to need to visit every single one in every single place we go. but i rarely if ever will use a public bathroom. now, if i’m being honest, which why shouldn’t i be, it’s not just public bathrooms, it’s most bathrooms not my own or not ones i use regularly.

like at my parents house or work, i use the same exact bathroom every time i’m there regardless of if that means i have to wait.

i prefer not to use bathrooms that children use. it’s a cleanliness, germy thing.

it’s a claustrophobia issue. it’s a smelly issue. it’s a i have a weak gag reflex and am not great at plugging my nose without actually using my hand issue. i just don’t like them. and luckily for me i don’t have to go too often.

toilet_squarea few exceptions are disneyland, dodger stadium and most starbucks have been ok. but that’s my limit. oh, wait, i’ll use a macy’s or nordstrom’s bathroom too, i just don’t frequent them often.

it’s bizarre and weird and probably something you could go the rest of your lives never knowing, but now you do! i hope you sleep better tonight! ha! 😉

it’s so much my “thing” that most of those closest to me will return to me after a trip to a public restroom and rate it to me quietly as if they know i’m waiting to hear just in case i need to go! recently my SIL did it, and we giggled that she’s joined the crazy train that is my bathroom phobia.

and really, the irony………..i’m the daughter, grand-daughter and great-grand-daughter of a wholesale plumbing supply mini empire. in other words, they sell toilets. Bwaahaahaa!


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1 Response to random thoughts by traci volume 1

  1. Heather says:

    You’re so funny. I use every restroom. I always have to go to the bathroom. I’m very picky though.

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