bar mitzvah weekend 2014!

okay so i totally screwed up. i agree to a blog a day in the month of may and then on may 3rd i dropped the ball!!! BUT, to be fair i was busy having amazing bar mitzvah fun celebrating an amazing young man. so get over it!! 🙂

i’m going to work on catching up at some point by posting twice in a day…….just you watch!!

but, without further adieu…..

this past weekend was the bar mitzvah of my cousin’s son who is more like a nephew to me was called to the torah saturday, may 3rd, 2014.


how is the little guy i helped potty train now considered an adult within the jewish faith.

time flies, that’s how!

there are no words to properly explain the how proud i am of louis and the job he did.

there are no words to explain how mature and such grace he showed the entire weekend.

the little boy was gone, all signs of little louis missing and only this teenage version was there.

20140506-060518.jpghe read from the torah beautifully.

he honored his family and friends.

he showed respect.

he showed appreciation.

i don’t know what REALLY should make a man, but those things are what really matter.

friday night was the shabbat service. we had a small, short-ish service. it was at that time that his mom, julie gave him his tallit (prayer shawl) that he will wear for the first time saturday morning when reading from the torah. this is the first time he will be able to wear one and carry on this tradition.  we had a wonderful family dinner afterwards, held at the synagogue and outdoors yet their group of friends and family are so warm that the feeling was incredible. you forgot you were outside you were so engulfed in pride and love.

saturday morning was the big day! louis assisted in leading the morning service and read his torah portion. he did amazing. it was obvious he’s worked hard to get there and that, no surprise he was a force to be reckoned with, just like he is on the ice playing hockey!!

we celebrated louis with a luncheon at the synagogue following the service and even there, i watched him and that little boy who would’ve been running around and being silly was not so little and not running around, but visiting with family and friends and accepting the accolades he earned and deserved.

saturday night was a small party for the kids and out-of-town family and very close friends. 20140506-060544.jpgi’m not gonna lie, they ALWAYS know how to throw a party! they don’t do it often, but when they do they are not easily forgotten!! complete with taco truck, green screen & photographs, an awesome music track that i thought was a DJ most of the night. oh, yes and a bar. with the most delicious pomegranate martini’s i *might* have had quite a few of! 😉


the weekend was amazing. and it’s times like this that i am so glad i live in so cal and can be part of these kids lives. not just on the big days but through it all. admittedly in the past few years our schedules aren’t in sync but i’ve gotten to see them grow and flourish on the day-to-day.

i will leave you with one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE louis stories. he has been and continues to be the most compassionate person. no matter how many times i’ve told this story in 10 years it never gets old to me!!

i have very curly hair that i mostly wear straight. and at that time, i apparently never wore curly around the boys. on a particular monday i had gone over to play and help out i was wearing my hair curly. if i remember correctly the day before my roommate/friend rachel and i had gone to a wine tasting in malibu and gotten caught in a torrential downpour, of LA proportions and therefore my hair wasn’t straight. okay, so most of that afternoon louis was not his usual loving self. he threw toys at me. he pulled my hair, he wasn’t nice. i realized he was uncomfortable with my new “look”, so i asked if he wanted to touch my hair. he did. he played with it. he asked 8239584 questions, as louis ALWAYS does btw, and he learned all he could about why exactly i came over looking like this. in the end, the best explanation was it was rainy and wet and i didn’t feel like taking the time to blow dry it.

we went about the rest of the evening with dinner, bathtime, tv, goodness knows what else. and as i’m walking out of his room and turning off the lights he says, “traci, maybe you shouldn’t come over and play anymore when it rains”.

even at 3 he had a kind heart and a sweet soul, and i hope he never loses that.

congratulations louis. i love you and am so very proud of you. xoxo T



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