change of plans!!

i had every intention if sharing with you today about the VERY exciting weekend starting at 5pm today……..but I interrupt this previously planned post to tell you about a little scare I had yesterday!

before i start, i am absolutely fine now, but since it’s never happened before and could happen again or to any one of you I want to share so that you too can have some tips that hopefully you can remember in a pinch.

sunshineit turns out I had heat stroke. we are having temps in the 100’s right now, and unfortunately there’s no avoiding leaving the house when you have kids to pick up at school. and at our schools, sadly no carpool line, you park and walk, and wait, and go into the classroom to get the child and then walk back to your car. it is by no means a far distance but it’s a tad bothersome in the extreme heat. we are very fortunate that we can walk to and from school so most days that IS what I do because otherwise you have to get there 30 minutes early to get a parking spot, fun, right???

so yesterday i was feeling it was too hot to walk and didn’t want the baby in the direct hot sun while we walked, so we drove. we sat in the cold air-conditioned car until almost the very last second. we picked-up and then came straight home.

it’s about 2:45pm at this point and I’m getting the boys snacks, i felt a little off but was on a mission because i had 90-minutes before i had to get the kids in the car, go pick up at preschool and head to swimming lessons. i was very focused at the tasks at hand.

the baby was in his high chair, THANK GOD eating a snack. the kindergartener was doing his homework with his back to me but in the same room.

i started prepping dinner since when we got home from swimming it would be late and crankytown so while i may have chilled on the couch usually I was running around getting stuff done.

about 20-25 minutes after getting home as i’m assembling mini English muffin pizzas for the kids dinner i started suddenly feeling light-headed. so i drank my water, but as i moved to get it I immediately got a queasy, headachey, i may pass out feeling. something that’s never happened to me before and was feeling quite scary at that second.

my mind immediately goes into emergency resolve mode so i remember hearing to just sit down, so i did. they have tiled kitchen floor and passing out on it could have added injuries that no one needed!!!

*important fact*
since the first one was a baby i always keep my cell phone with me when the kids are here. i’ve always felt that since i’m an adult home alone with kids, it’s necessary just in case. i think i started it during bath times thinking god forbid anything happened while they’re in the bath i can’t be running all over looking for a phone. so pocket or no pocket when the kids are home the phone goes from room to room with me, and more for an outgoing need than trying to stay in touch!

ok, i digress. so I’m able to reach up to the counter and grab my phone and immediate text my BFF who’s a nurse. that’s when i knew something was very wrong because I couldn’t text. i mean eventually i got the message out but it took 12x the amount of time it should have. i knew she was busy so i texted the two other friends i had recently been texting with figuring they’d have tricks or suggestions even if they said call 911. (ones a teacher and the other a mom of two who suffers from frequent migraines and dehydration like i do.)

immediately the first friend responded……GET WATER AND A PIECE OF FRUIT NOW.

well i can’t reach that and i’m positive from my shakiness i don’t want to try standing mostly because i feared fainting and at least sitting on the floor the kids were supervised!

i am terrified of scaring the kids so i very calmly ask the kindergartener to get me a banana and hand me my water. he doesn’t ask why i’m on the floor and actually laughs thinking i’m kidding about the banana! once i convince him i’m not kidding, he gets me what i’ve asked for after i explain i’m feeling a little funny, he plops down next to me and says “feeling a bit wobbly are you? is it ok if i do my homework here next to you?” here I was worried about scaring him and he thought nothing of it, thank god.

after eating the banana (or 4 because the baby is yelling “share me, share me” from his high chair) and drinking some water & oj I feel a little better. my hands are still a little shaky so i stay sitting on the floor.

at some point i had the genius idea to wheel the baby in his high chair to the living room and put Sesame Street on for him, so i knew no matter what he was safe and entertained at this point. i realized i was still shaky so that’s when i plopped myself on the floor of the playroom area directly inline with where the strongest AC vent is, AND got advice from my teacher friend to take my shoes off, i of course had converse on. never would’ve crossed my mind but apparently feet trap the heat, so as soon as i get them off i feel the first signs of relief.

after an hour i definitely was not myself but felt confident enough that I was safe to drive to preschool pickup. had I not been, i had several ideas in mind……but i took it slow, drove side streets even though it’s only a mile away, i was doing a little better once we were in the car. i blasted the AC which of course didn’t hurt.

when we got back home I saw the temp on the thermostat still read 84 INSIDE the house even having run the AC all day. sadly this house gets amazing sun but with that comes major heat issues, but not usually until august!!

i made it thru the rest of my shift moving slowly and having very cooperative kids. when i left the house the thermostat was still at 80 INSIDE at almost 8pm.

i drove the mile home feeling VERY wobbly and sweaty hot. it took 90-minutes in 68 degree temps at my apartment for me to cool off. i am usually FREEZING at anything below 70 so this was another huge indicator how off my body temp was!

i am still very dehydrated but working on it and am taking it slow. nothing that needs to get done is as important as the kids and my health & safety! damn Type A personality wanting it get everything done quickly!!

the kids’ mom and i have a working plan in place and she gave me some great options so if driving is the biggest concern i know i always have help.

i also know now that i will be doing the following throughout this heat:

– drink lots of water and constantly carry ice & water filled thermos with us, even just from the car and back!

– when we get home i will get everyone plenty of fluids and sit in one of the rooms to cool off and not push myself (forgot to mention above i later realized that the kitchen has no vent, which could not have helped my situation!)

– as soon as we get home all shoes and socks come off!!

– and worse case scenario the baby and i hop into the shower and sit in there and cool off!

i’m very grateful it happened they way it did if it had TO happen! but sure hope it never does again!!!

come back tomorrow for the exciting family event happening this weekend! i’m so excited to share with you all. sig_pink


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3 Responses to change of plans!!

  1. This is so scary! I’ve had my fair share of moments where you’re not sure how things are going to happen and YOU’RE the ONLY adult around. But it sounds like you did everything perfectly.
    Kids can be so amazing in those situations! Like Calen, mine have had to help me a few times too. But I’ve also had enough potential health things come up that I’ve had to “prep” them ahead of time. Like knowing how and when to call 911 or their dad or 911 AND run and get a neighbor. It’s comforting to all of us to have a plan that includes them. I know they’re prepared and they’re confident in how they need to react, no guessing on their part.
    Take care! And be careful in this heat!! Especially during this dang transitional time when our bodies are adjusting to it. It’s never easy and I hate it every year. And I’m SO GLAD YOU’RE OK!!!!

  2. jess says:

    YIKES! Glad you are ok! It’s always a terrifying feeling when you think you’re gonna pass out, I can only imagine what it was like with the kiddos!

  3. Heather says:

    That is so scary! I’m so glad everything turned out ok in the end. I never would have thought about taking shoes off either. Good to know!

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