This Blows!!!!

Consider this your PSA of the day…….for all of those of you who do any online shopping thru Amazon or any of it’s partner sites including,,, et al, as of December 1st, 2013 the United States Postal Service has now taken over the contract from On-Track and are now doing all of those deliveries.

The downside is now it’s USPS delivered which is unreliable. And it’s now postponing regular mail delivery because these deliveries take precedence over “standard mail delivery”.

For example, last night my REGULAR USPS mail was delivered at 7:30pm PST by a never before seen postal carrier which is what sparked my interest as to what was going on, mail delivery is normally there by 6pm, which is still fairly late.

Bright side that they want us to believe is that they will now be delivering all Amazon & partner site packages on Sundays as well. However, I am not 100% clear if that means it’ll be a standard delivery or additional charge for Sunday delivery.

And this is not just a move for the holidays, it’s apparently a multi-year contract between Amazon and the USPS.

Good times. Hope this doesn’t ruin a good thing!


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