the converse princess

i needed a nickname, i was tired of using the same one over and over and over again. and i’m feeling like a different person over the past year or so, and i wanted something that described ME.  i know part of it is spending all my time with toddlers and small children, and the rest of my time, sharing my house with my house guest, but i’ve reverted back to Converse_boxbeing 2 and saying MINE MINE MINE all the time!!!!

i spent a lot of time thinking about it. some friends tossed ideas around. they suggested i  use my dogs names, use the word nanny in it, but nothing was jumping out at me. nothing felt like me.

then i suddenly in a sleep deprived, exhausted state, busted out with “the converse princess”.

i’m so digging it and so confused as to how or why no one has ever called me that until now is mind-boggling! LOL. it’s just so obvious!!!

if you haven’t figured out already, i’m a bit of an enigma as my best friends would say.

i have likes and dislikes that don’t go together and wouldn’t be something someone would assume about me.  as my best friend puts it, just when she thinks she knows everything about me (which she does!) she says she discovers something new i do or don’t do, or like or dislike that are significant. i don’t know, i’m not trying to be secretive or mysterious. i’m an open book for goodness sakes! i’ve just gone through lots of change in my lifetime! so many different chapters make up my 38 years.

so, that’s how the new nickname came to be!!

i live in converse. i wear them relatively nonstop! i have 6 pairs now, i used to have 8-10 but that’s a long story. i wear them with skirts, dresses, pants, shorts, pj’s, you name it, there’s nothing that can’t be worn with a great pair of chucks.

……and well i’m no princess, but i’m not athletic nor outdoorsy and i have seriously annoying issues with public restrooms so i have often been called a princess. and i’m starting to think there’s nothing wrong with that, i mean, i even have an amazing tiara, so there!

photo 1

my new AMAZING Alisa Michelle necklace custom made with the Converse Princess on it. I absolutely adore it and wear it proudly on my neck! it makes me so happy and excited.

To find Alisa Michelle Jewelry click on the link to her site! I promise you won’t be disappointed. Click here!


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