Some things that I love….

Suddenly I’m back at the blog and since it was time for my 200th post, I decided to write about the things that I loved, it seemed appropriate!  Forgive the excitement, I’m sure I’ll fall off the wagon again here soon! LOL. But in the meantime, I wanted to share with you some of the newer things I’ve acquired and or re-purposed and put together and LOVE!!! I’m notorious for using things in different ways around my house, so you never know what and where something will turn up! In my room today, in the kitchen tomorrow! 🙂

imageMy amazing minky duvet cover purchased on Etsy in the Fall of 2012. I’m normally very fickle with my bedding and this FOR SURE goes down as the longest I’ve ever gone without changing it up! (I’ve changed many other things, but always worked it around the minky!!)

Also pictured, my “I had to own” gray & white chevron throw blanket that I definitely didn’t need, but couldn’t live without!! I found it at a discount store here called Tuesday Morning. It was $14.99 and I couldn’t NOT buy it. Afterall between the dogs and the kids, I seem to loose A LOT of blankets! 🙂

The two owls are handmade from a shop on Etsy. I love them and I find that they cheer up my room a bit. And…..the dogs and I all seem to use them as little pillows quite often!

An AWESOME shabby chic looking fringe hanging from my ceiling by SandandStarfish.  Check out her stuff if you haven’t, she’s so creative and a doll to work with! I’m getting ready to have her do a full length of my wall hanging fringe in gray, yellow & white! I’m so excited! My custom Princess block is by none other than my amazing friend Andrea at Bubblewrappd who is truly a creative genius.  I just adore her stuff. The blocks make me happy, and they make me feel less alone because I know someone else has had those same feelings. And don’t get me started on how awesome her blocks are to give as gifts! Check out her shop and tell her I sent you!


One of my favorite quotes in a Target white wood frame. Simple, yet cheery and perfect. 🙂


I LOVE this piece.  Purchased at Pier One a few years ago, it was quite the find and I am sorry I didn’t buy two!! Right now it’s home to some older pictures of the kids, but, it’s just an awesome decorative addition.  It’s got 12 teeny tiny little clips and you just hang pictures or artwork or anything you’d like to from them! It’ll double as a holiday card holder soon enough!


Well, first of all, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new dresser piece I bought from some friends that for now is being used as an entertainment center in my room and storage down below! It’s just perfect for me now and I love it. I’ve come up with at least 5 other uses for it in my house so I have a feeling it’ll be popping up in different places in future posts!

And of course, MORE Bubblewrappd blocks!! Motivating and inspiring me always! ❤


This shelf is one of my favorite! Unfortunately for now it’s wedged into a corner and while I get to enjoy it all the time, it’s EXTREMELY oddly positioned to try and get a decent shot! It’s a 3 shelf white bookcase and on the bottom 2 shelves I have rugged, metal yellow bins with covers on them currently filled with “stuff”.  They house all that stuff that would be out on the dresser or my desk if I didn’t have! What’s pictured here is the top shelf and like I said, one of my favorites! An awesome lamp, picked up at Target 5 apartments ago for my living room! See, re-purposed! The vase and the frame are both from Cost Plus, and are a coordinating mustardy yellow color that blends well with the rest of my room.  I love the way the black & white picture of the kids looks in the frame. And the Bubblewrappd blocks say it all!


I once got sad because I was worried some day I would have to put this piece away. It was my very first custom piece with Andrea of Bubblewrappd and it’s magnificent and I love it more and more everyday.  The yellow block used to have a turquoise one there, but when I switched up the accent color in my room Andrea made me a yellow one to switch out and it totally looks like a new piece!


While I know this is the serenity prayers used in Alcoholics Anonymous and many other faith based programs, I just love the meaning. It’s something I struggle with daily and I finally found a wall hanging with it that is perfect.  It reminds me I can’t control everything, sometimes you just have to sit back and try to enjoy the ride. Hard for me to remember so this is awesome!



My other favorite part of my room!! This picture just melts my heart. I love that you see no faces, and in fact it could be in black & white or as shadows but just looking at it, I can hear the giggling and see the smiles and it melts my heart. ❤

20131110-230438.jpgThis is a fun piece! I found the jewelry/necklace case at Marshall’s a few years ago. It’s gone through a few different organized uses but has housed all of my Inspired by Finn Amber necklaces for quite some time now! And may have possibly helped me become a bit of a hoarder of amber necklaces!!! They’re all different sizes, designs, shapes, colors and I DO share with a certain 3.5 year old someone with a penchant for things that are jewelry and mine!!! LOL!


I re-purposed by cubes and switched out the canvas bins and put yellow because that turquoise just got to be way too overwhelming, it was EVERYWHERE!!! So I moved the chevron runner found on (previously and someone who’s never owned a runner before I’m a total fan now because I love the little accent it gives and it’s easy to move and change, and yet it’s super subtle! I recently moved the mirror shown here from my entryway.  It looks great there, but I LOVE it here! It totally adds to that little area of the room and it’s perfect. Also seen are my lemonade Scentsy warmer and 3 ADORABLE nesting Owls from my Lindsay from my birthday a few months ago.  They’re supposed to be measuring cups but I love them too much to use them that way and risk them breaking! And of course the Faith~Hope~Love decal above the mirror makes me smile! I found it at Target a while back and it finally looks just perfect the way it sits above that mirror!

20131110-231002.jpgAnother awesome birthday gift from Lindsay!! I love this picture, on a canvas hanging high above my TV and starred at CONSTANTLY! Yes there are a lot of words around my room, but I read them all and each one has important meaning to me and hits the spot on a certain day, at a certain time, just when I need them.


I found these chevron light switch decals on and then ordered more directly from the Bugzy Boutique on Etsy.  They were the easiest things to apply and I love how they add just a teeny tiny little accent to the room. I have them all over the house, and they look great!


I needed a new tissue box cover. I use A LOT of tissue so I always have several boxes around my house.  This one sits next to my bed but for lighting purposes I photographed it on my chevron runner (which might be a chevron overload, sorry!).  I found this yellow & white cover at Octavia Street on Etsy.

20131111-000741.jpgAnd THIS, lastly, but one of THE most important to me, is my Bubblewrappd custom “crate” or basket. Andrea’s work is amazing, and I so enjoy looking at it! Right now it’s housing some paperwork on the bottom covered by my JellyCat stuffed animals for now!! It’s a crate full of furry love! ❤

Thanks for taking the time to see what it is I’m in love with these days!

I know there’ll be more in the future and with the holidays OF COURSE a special holiday edition soon!!


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2 Responses to Some things that I love….

  1. Dina Ochs says:

    I absolutely LOVED that post! You named all of my favorite stores. We have a Tuesday Mornings too, great deals. Your room is so cozy and warm, like a cup of tea. I know from the job you do that you have to have a relaxing place to retreat. And I love the yellow too. Great post and congrats on #200. Love ya, Dina

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