the disney lover who’s disappointed in disney :-(

For all who want to know what’s been going on with me today (Wednesday) I’m gonna give you a detailed description because while in the grand scheme of life IT IS NOT A BIG DEAL, it caused a big, embarrassing problem for me AND I’d be willing to bet has happened to one of you without you even knowing.

I was gifted a $100 Disney Store GC. I couldn’t wait to use it. After going to the store in our nearby mall they suggested I go online that there’s a huge selection of adult sweats and PJ’s and things I was looking for. So that’s what I did.

Mickey-MouseMy order came to $103.68. I was proud of myself thinking “I got what I wanted and was only $3.68 over! Go me!”. So I put my GC info in, it accepts it and acknowledges it has a $100 on it. It then asks for my credit card number for the balance. Didn’t seem strange to me, I put in my card number, hit send and went on my way.

To add to this before I get to the good part you must understand I’ve done this with other large retailers A ZILLION times! Your items exceed your GC so they charge the balance to your debit/credit card or PayPal. (Disney didn’t offer PayPal)

In fact I just did this with Nordstoms with a pair of boots using a GC I saved from my bday.  I’ve done it with Amazon, Target and definitely Zappos before and never a snag or glitch or sketchy-ness like this AND THIS IS DISNEY!!!!!

On Monday mid-morning I check my balance online and see that the Disney Store charged my bank account $103.68, the entire amount of my purchase. At this point I’m just confused and thinking I clicked something wrong and inadvertently charged the full amount to my card. I call Disney and get a nice lady who proceeds to explain to me that it’s just a hold on my card but that it’ll release the funds the next morning. That indeed my $100 GC was applied. It DID NOT sit well with me nor make one bit of sense but I was busy and glad to hear it would be back in my account the next day. I reiterate, something didn’t seem right then and I did question her multiple times and was sort of appalled at the time but again, life got busy and I went about my busy afternoon with the kids. I now know from the Disney manager that while they hold those funds when I called on Monday questioning it she should’ve explained the process but reversed that $$ so none of this would’ve transpired. So that was an error on Disney’s part.

Tuesday was busy, it came and went and I didn’t even think about it with so much else swirling in my head right now.

I’d also like to remind all who are reading this I’m a hardcore Disney fan. I’m an annual Passport holder and have never had any bad experiences dealing with Disney or Disneyland in the 38 years I’ve been going. They generally have amazing customer service even in an era when customer service is basically a thing of the past and like I said the other day on Facebook, it’s great when you call, they end it with “and have a magical day!”. Who doesn’t want to hear THAT all the time?!?!

Okay back to today, Wednesday.

So today while dealing with another business situation, I get an email from my  brand new imagine_box_abank, Wells Fargo, that (even with overdraft protection) the ONE CHECK I’ve ever written (because I was busy and couldn’t get to the place for a money order) had been returned NSF. I gasped. I refreshed my iPhone. How could this be? I knew it was a tight week but I had been VERY careful and calculated properly. WTF?!?

Now my car payment is late AND will be returned which just makes me look irresponsible and shady when here I had done EVERYTHING in my power to ensure no complications.

I then look and notice that the erroneous $103.68 Disney charge was still showing on my account. Well now I’m BEYOND hysterical. Quietly hysterical. But hysterical. How dare anyone hold MY money without cause from my account #1 and #2 WTF now they’ve created a chain reaction in my account and possibly others.


Well I will spare you the step by step details because OF COURSE it was not just one phone call to Disney or my bank to resolve. There were many. I lost count at some point. Thank god for earpieces and the kids having an afternoon activity so I could use the time to try to resolve this.

I’ve dealt with this all the way up to management at both places and will be getting a follow-up call from Disney later this week just so no one thinks I need help figuring out who to contact, I’ve done my due diligence on every side. And I’m not letting this go on principle. If it’s legitimately an error, I’d expect SOMETHING from Disney as an apology, but so far, it’s just seeming like a scam that they may or may not be getting away with.

Wells Fargo says they have NEVER heard of a retailer of any size holding money on a debit card when a GC is used. That of course I’d be responsible for the charges above the cost of the GC but they agreed and confirmed that there should only be a $3.68 but that they couldn’t do anything on their end, I needed to contact Disney and go that route and from there “we will see what we can resolve here quickly” they told me. My biggest frustration was that an erroneous charge is what caused an NSF situation on an important check and Wells Fargo explained that unfortunately because of what Disney appeared to have done, they couldn’t do anything to help with that now. Ok. Off to call Disney.

Again I get a lovely person, they’re all so perky and friendly. And after several go arounds I sorta get nowhere. It’s explained that this is their policy and they’re so sorry but in 3-5 business days the authorization will disappear and only the $3.68 will show on my account. Well this was not an acceptable resolve since it was no resolve just merely a shrug in my opinion. So I ask to speak to a manager and explain I’m not mad at the person I’m talking to, I’m just frustrated and mortified over my NSF check and really resent having that happen to me because of a most bizarre policy of Disney’s.

This went round and round because one employee would say they could get the money back in my account within an hour if Disney did “xyz”. So I call Wells Fargo get said info call Disney back, and of course get someone new and have to re-explain and when I give them said requested info they tell me they can’t do that they’re only able to do incoming calls and no faxes. ::head hits desk::

The end result is that I have dealt with management at both Wells Fargo and Disney somewhat extensively yet patiently. I’m angry and want some resolve as well as something for all my trouble and time. It IS Disney after all.

Wells Fargo has been beyond apologetic and helpful in attempting to resolve this matter. I have no complaints from them. I AM going to inquire further about overdraft because I AM enrolled in that and unclear why it didn’t help in this situation.  But otherwise they were as wonderful as a bank could be. I have no complaints about them.

Disney is a different story. I’m beyond appalled. Disappointed. Disgusted. Frustrated. And frankly feel scammed. After speaking to the upper level manager (prob on call #4 to them) he explained that this IS their policy. To reiterate, even if you use a GC on their site they will hold the funds off your debit card for up to 7-days. SEVEN. I made clear how disgusted I was with this and how unacceptable I find it. He tried to explain why to which I referenced the above mentioned retailers that are able to ship quickly and they don’t hold double my money in order to do so. That was part of his reasoning. I call bullshit. If the website can tell me the card has $100 on it, why can’t it accept a GC as payment??

I have not had a chance to go online and play with the site to see if you buy something JUST with a GC what happens but he claimed that it would ask for a CC#. Again,  appalling. I made him clarify and repeat that one multiple times because essentially he’s saying even if you have a $1000 GC but no cc you wouldn’t be able to finalize your purchase online.

Just to reiterate, he was a VERY nice man and very well versed and well spoken and clearly had lots of background and knowledge on this subject and I’m certain he did not make up these rules but I made clear how wrong that seemed to me and how after 38 years I have now had an awful Disney experience and was very disappointed.

So far the best Disney has done is reverse the $100 charge with Visa (which likely will take 24-48 MORE hours to show up in my account). Watch, the package will arrive before the refund happens!

He has asked me to please speak directly with their billing dept who does not normally interface with customers but he wants me to go through all of this with them. They’ll be calling me tomorrow supposedly. Trust me, I have PLENTY to tell them. I’m appalled and the more time goes by the more outraged I become that with the thousands of dollars a year I’ve spent at Disneyland in the past few years, THIS was going down.  I hear people complain about them all the time, and I have NEVER had anything but amazing experiences.

Wells Fargo’s resolve is that they will send me a letter as well as one for the recipient of the NSF check apologizing and stating clearly that this wasn’t my fault and that any additional charges incurred (fees or other fallout from this check) would be reimbursed immediately. (Which as I thought about it over the hours since the phone calls, why is Wells Fargo cleaning up Disney’s mess?? It was like when Otterbox cleaned up Apple’s mess!!!)

So, for now, the moral of this story is DO NOT SHOP DISNEY ONLINE and if you do, make sure you check your CC statement and/or bank statement to verify you were not double charged. Wells Fargo seems to think that this would’ve cleared my account and I would’ve been doubly charged and perhaps this is a scam they’re pulling off. Which would break this Disney lovers heart if it was true, but sadly, I’m not so sure they’re incorrect.

I’m sorry for the dramatics. It was a very emotional, stressful situation, on top of I was at work and had kids to watch and take care of and this was not scheduled into my day.

I will update tomorrow or Friday if and when I hear from these billing people and/or when the refund goes through and the package arrives! This should be interesting to say the least.


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