8 years have flown by…….

8 years ago today, my roommate and closest friend Rachel and my other BFF Lindsay and I, got into my (stupid) Ford Exploder and drove up to the land of sod grass, Tehachapi, CA to pick-up my puppy from the breeder.  (I have allergies to dogs and needed to be sure it was hair and not fur.)
I first named her Emma but quickly changed it to Riley, which has proven to be the PERFECT name for my amazingly perfect dog. My Riley Roo.
She’s the best friend anyone could ask for. Let’s face it, she’s super maintenance, but not how you’d think! It’s only because she’s not aware she’s a dog! Shhhhh!!!
I often think about it, and don’t know how I would’ve gotten through A LOT of the past 8-years without her. For company. To snuggle with. To have a purpose. And to have a reason to wake up every single day. ❤

Thank you Rachel & Lindsay for being part of the incredible memory of this day I cherish in my heart, but not my nose. LOL!!!!”Don’t worry, forgetting what it smelled like will be the best thing for her!”, said Lindsay astutely! What did I know,  I had never had my own dog!

And thank god for Lindsay or Emma may have never become Riley and gone right back where she came from.  As my little puppy vomited in my lap for the full 2.5 hour drive home, I was FREAKING OUT. Like in a hilarious, comedic way. Although at the time I wasn’t probably so funny. But you try having this thing barf in your crotch region for 2.5 hours and we’ll see how happy and cheery YOU are at the other end!! I digress, thankfully Lindsay knew how to bathe a puppy, and get her back to a cuddle-able, love-able looking thing.  Who if I recall just laid in her crate and slept while we all stared at her waiting her to do something.  (After the drive and the bath and the running and getting stuck on my carpet and under my bed I think she was pooped until of course the middle of the night!)

And of course KFC will never be the same. YOU sit in the drive thru waiting for them to tee-toddle around getting you your FIREY (aka fiery) boneless buffalo wings with said vomited puppy in your lap!!!!

Once again, THANK GOD for Lindsay bathing her!!

I love you Riley Roo, you are the best friend, quiet confidante and partner in crime I could ever ask for! And only get cuter and cuter with time! Here’s to 8 more years together taking on the world! I could post pictures for days and days and days but I think the internet has seen enough of her…….for now!

These are some of my all time favorites……..


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