life has a funny way of working out. or not working out rather. keep-calm-and-believe-in-dreams-8

i started blogging to be able to write, unedited, unjudged and i love it. i don’t write to gain an audience or clicks, i write to enjoy myself. and when i stop enjoying myself, i stop writing on my blog.

i thought i was going to turn this into a business of sorts but the further i’ve delved into the genre the less i have an interest in that.

i want to write my memoirs or at least stories about my family. i have a hilarious family.

i want to have a place to share what’s going on in my life and where i am headed.

i hated having my name i the url.  i thought it was cool but it started to feel too commercialized and why that’s the reason that some have blogs, it wasn’t for me. i prefer some anonymity and with some of the life changes lying ahead, privacy is of the utmost importance to me.

i thought it was cute using my nannying background in my blog name and thought that was the route i wanted to go, while it looked , AWESOME because i have an amazing graphic artist, it was not for me. i didn’t like being defined by my job. i love the kids i watch. i love my job. but, i’m more than a nanny and by defining myself that way at 38 years old i felt pigeonholed.

follow your dreamsi wanted and needed a broader existence. just like a mom who doesn’t want to be identified by just being a mom. i didn’t want to be my job. or live my job 24/7 (i do enough of that on my own!).

so i’ve been really bad about blogging for a while. i just didn’t know what to do.

i’ve gone through quite the metamorphosis hungry catepillarof sorts over the past year or so and i needed somehow to convey that……because i know i’m nowhere near done. there are so MANY changes still ahead. and so many yet to come. but i decided to stay away from anything with the butterfly or the caterpillar even though i REALLY liked the idea of using them in my blog! WHAT?!?! it’s my favorite book!!! 😉

so here i am. and i’m happy. i’m happy with the simplicity of my new blog name and i think it opens up so many options and is limitless.

i hope to blog many happy occasions in my future.

dreamsand of course share the stumbling blocks and the sad times as well.

i hope to share growth and some change in my life, sooner than later i hope, and i hope that with my new blog it will remind me every day to follow my dreams. look forward. loo ahead. and imagine my dreams…….until they become a reality. ❤

hence, http://www.imaginingmydreams.com came to be.

thanks for following me. thank you for letting me into your lives! thank you all for your continued love and support, i’m so lucky to have built such an amazing support system and circle of friends on the web and around the world.


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