just one step….

as we watch them put on their socks, throw on their backpacks and leave for today’s first day of school i can’t help but be nostaligc.  these children may not be mine, but i’ve been here through every milestone, skinned knee, lost tooth, first haircut, first steps and now, as we embark on the wild and crazy world of public elementary school

how far we have come.

as i watched him get ready to leave i realized, he may as well be walking out that door and heading to a semester at Yale. as fast as these first 6 years have gone, the next thing we know he’ll be going to middle school, then high school and college.  it all just flies by before your very eyes.

how far we still have yet to go.

we still have so many milestones before then, though they seem minor right now in comparison to those first steps taken today towards kindergarten.

today starts his educational career.

today begins his opinion of school in general that will stick with him for the next 20 years or so.

today marks the end of babyhood/toddlerhood and begins the start of school-aged childhood.

today begins the wonderful world of homework.  back to school

of responsibility.

of growth.

of taking responsibility for his actions.

today when i pick him up, he will be different. he will be a school aged child who’s finished his first day of kindergarten.

the first day of school is always monumental no matter what age…….so as you watch your children getting ready and taking their first steps walking out that door or down those steps or across that lawn……..relish every second, because you’ll never get that moment back and it’s one to treasure in your heart forever.  ❤


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