the vacation that wasn’t

this past week i was on vacation. but not really.

i was off of work all week, and it’s been HEAVEN. i could definitely jump on board this stay-at-home-dog-mom situation. 🙂

i wanted to go away, but unfortunately, 3 days was NOT enough time to plan anything that made sense or was fiscally responsible. spending money just to spend money is what it would have been.  my friends all had other things planned so going up north wasn’t going to work and the BF had patients, damn people needing their teeth cleaned and couldn’t get away, AND most importantly I HAD TO be back for Friday 7/5 the NKOTB Concert that I have waited for 25+ years for!

at first i was depressed. i didn’t want to stay home. between the house guest that’s still here. dog responsibilities and the fact that on an average week i spend about 1-hour besides sleeping at home per day 5-days a week, so there’s plenty of organizing, cleaning, straightening, etc to be done.

so instead, i decided to stay home, and made a list of things Traci wanted to do,  and a list of activities i wasn’t going to touch, like cleaning, straightening, organizing, CHORES and THE INTERNET. WOW.

i NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS thought being home yet staying offline would make THAT much of a difference but let me tell you, i might as well have been on the moon, it was AMAZING!!! i happen to have an awesome apartment with fantastic a/c (it’s been well over 100 here most days and doesn’t drop below 80 until after midnight), i have a gorgeous pool area that i discovered NO ONE else in building uses but me now, AND i’m just miles from many beaches and GORGEOUS sunsets.

i forgot what sunsets look like. i miss them.  i love my job, but, for almost 6 years i’ve worked until 8pm or later and i forgot what 5pm-8pm was like, to me, this week, it’s been HEAVEN. relaxing, watching the sunset, doing whatever i wanted to do when i wanted to do it. and i’ll be honest, i did very little this week and i’m proud of it! when you don’t have kids, and you can’t go anywhere, just doing whatever you want when you want is a nice vacation. VERY nice. in fact, other than a tank and cotton pants or my bathing suit and a tank i never got dressed except to go to the concert. #winning!

yes, i am very disappointed i didn’t get to go up north and see my friends.

i am extremely disappointed i didn’t get to go to one of the beach destinations i had booked and then cancelled.

i had a great week and i’m proud to have found a way to relax and enjoy myself without interaction with many others. without leaving my house much. without getting dressed daily. and more importantly, enjoying the simple things that i didn’t remember i’d been missing.

monday…….it’s back to reality and i gotta be honest, i’m not that excited about it. i’ve spent a lot of time thinking. a lot of time contemplating and right now, i’m in a place of potential change and growth and spending time doing what i want to do for me is not something i’ve done in a long long long time and the week just wasn’t enough time. 😦

here are a few pics from the little that i did this week on my vacation that wasn’t!

vacation pic           unplug


Being offline made it FEEL like a REAL vacation!

how i spent most of my days

how i spent most of my days

the closest i came to being dressed

the closest i came to being dressed for the past week!

lots of cuddle time

lots of doggy cuddles, they LOVED having me home!

greatest pool area ever

heaven in my own building! Ahhhhh.



4th of july i look like a flag

4th of july…….i look like a flag

beer pic 4th of july

4th of July Beer Run……I don’t think I got enough! 😉

beer run

the three pups on the 4th

doggies entertain us on the 4th!

4th of july fireworks

4th of july fireworks

more fireworks

more fireworks

the package tour logo

the concert 25 years in the making……although the name of the tour i could’ve done without!

LA Live Pre-Concert

LA Live Pre-Concert – 7/5/13

NKOTB at Staples 7-5-13

NKOTB at Staples 7-5-13
Freaking AWESOME!

Post concert in my NKOTB t-shirt in the lobby....EXHAUSTED

Post concert in my NKOTB t-shirt in the infamous lobby……EXHAUSTED

sleepy pups

lots and lots of puppy time! ❤

more sleepy pups

i clearly wore them out! 🙂

Wish me luck getting back to the grind……and i hope you have a great week!


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2 Responses to the vacation that wasn’t

  1. Kourtney says:

    Sounds like you had a fun week! I’m jealous of your deserted pool!! We had rain storms each day I was off. We have an inflatable pool I was only able to enjoy for about an hour the entire holiday weekend 😦 womp womp I bet NKOTB was SO FUN!! Hope you snap out of your funk, but glad you were able to relax and have time to yourself!

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