1 + 1 = ???

well…… i’ve done some blog upgrading and changing around this weekend. i decided after writing my last post early yesterday morning that in reality i don’t want to keep up 2 blogs, i’d like to merge them together. but i couldn’t decide which URL to keep and which to get rid of since i love them both and in all honesty, have a following on both!

box_tracithenannydotcomi played around a little bit and found out that TraciTheNannyTalksBack.com was available! and that was the PERFECT combo of my two blogs!

TraciTalksBack + TraciTheNanny = TraciTheNannyTalksBack.com!!!

no matter which URL you use, they all will lead back to one site!

all of my content has been aggregated from TraciTalksBack and now lives within TraciTheNanny’s site and site design since that’s the one i decided to keep.

the two year anniversary redesign of  TraciTalksBack looked AWE-SOME, but took place right at a VERY VERY VERY dark period in my life and no matter what i do whenever i would look at that site that was all i could think about, and it’s time to move on and not associate one with the other!

so here we are!!

thanks for following!! thanks for encouraging me!! and thanks for putting up with some changes and possible kinks until they’re ironed out!

i’m on vacation this week so i’m unplugging, putting the laptop away and going to do something vacationy!! happy monday!


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1 Response to 1 + 1 = ???

  1. nannypology says:

    Well that worked out just PERFECTLY, right? Love it! Thanks for linking (as usual) and I look forward to the new stuff!

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