where’s traci??

i’m here. nothing new. nothing’s changed. i’m sorry i’ve been MIA.

i go and start this new blog and promise great content and i dropped the ball already.  023 (3)somehow life gets in the way sometimes of our hobbies.

i’m also feeling weird about how to use this space. do i use this as MY BLOG and blog everything here?? migrate TraciTalksBack.com to this site so that i only have one URL, one site to keep up content and less to try to keep up with. this is where my head has been. for absolutely no reason at all. i’m just stuck.

i am going through a lot in my head right now. changes. possible changes. life decisions that no one but i can make. i’m so not good at that and this past year has been filled with them. so making decisions about my blog feels enormous, which is insane!! so instead, i just am stuck! i promise i’m working on figuring it all out. ALL OF IT. my life. my blog. everything that needs figuring out!

013i take stock in my life daily, but especially twice a year at new year’s and my b-day, and we are exactly one month from my b-day TODAY and naturally i’m obsessing about those “goals” that i promised to have achieved by this july. i do this every year, bare with me please! i get a little “weird” around my b-day. not because i’m getting older, sometimes because i’m overwhelmed with what i haven’t achieved, sometimes like this year i’m overwhelmed by how to make life changing decisions on my own.  and how i could possibly be turning 38 in 30 days and feel younger and better than i did 10 8 years ago!

i’m still here. i’m just trying to figure it all out and get my head together. make some choices and figure this whole thing called life out!!

i’m sorry for the disappearing act, it’s monday, THIS week i’ll do better!

i hope you all have a great week!! sig_02

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