goodbye is the hardest thing to say

I decided to read this today and realized how much it resonates almost a year later. It’s time for an update or two in my life but for now…….goodbye is all that’s left to say. xo

my life has been changing over the past few months.
i’ve made commitments to myself since my birthday july 24th, to stop some of the self-deprecating behavior i’ve been allowing for far too long.

i’ve made commitments to myself regarding my physical health, my mental health, my family, my social life, and my state of being. i’ve committed to writing daily, sometimes in this blog to share with others and sometimes to be kept as drafts or written in a journal. either way, so far, i’m on the road to healing some of what has been hurting inside me for a long time.

a step in this process i’ve come to realize is finally letting go. letting go of the relationships i’m trying to hold onto. letting go of what once was. allowing memories to be just that. to have the good cry if i needed, but to start to…

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