the scary part of summer

i dont know how it is in other parts of the country but in california tomorrow is the unofficial beginning of summer. and the beginning of the time of year that scares me the most when it comes to children.


you can NEVER EVER be too safe when it comes to children and pools and EVERY 30 seconds a child drowns in America. keep that in mind when you turn your back for a second.

if you’re having a party, hire a lifeguard to watch the pool, call your local red cross and they can certainly get you in touch with someone. or your local day camp.

pools are not something to take chances with.

profile_05talk to your children about how they don’t go into the pool unless there is an adult in there with them.

talk to your children about not going too close to the pool for fear of them falling in.



even a 1-year old can learn to be water safe by flipping on their back and floating.

every penny spent on swimming lessons is money well spent.

you don’t need to be raising the next mark spitz or greg louganis, you just need to teach them to be water safe. and for most children that takes about 5-6 summers and until the child can swim from one side of the pool to the other without help and without panicking.


cute little blow up toys, innertubes and rafts are fine as long as the children are watched, and they are not relied on for safety, but water wings or any of those suits with floating assistance in them are some of the largest contributors of drownings. why? well, you put them on your child so you don’t have to watch as carefully. they think they know how to swim. one of them pops and your child is in distress. or the next time you’re near a pool and they’re not wearing them and they think they can swim and they just go right in and end up drowning because the water wings made them think they could swim.  THEY CAN’T. and giving a small child a false sense of security is actually a matter of life and death.

i hear people all of the time saying they don’t have a pool or their child isn’t around a pool so they’re okay not learning yet.


a child can drown in a small as a foot of water.

that means your child should never be left alone with a filled bathtub, a filled water table, or even a kiddie pool.  people think that only a large pool is dangerous but it only takes one foot of water, your child falling in or getting stuck or submerging their head and you’re calling 911.



if you yourself are not comfortable, find a class that’s a parent & me class. that way the teacher will show you things that will make YOU more comfortable as well in the pool with your child.

20-30 minutes a week 2-3 times per week for the entire summer is a great average for lessons if you can do that. if not, do your best and do once a week, but they don’t learn in one summer. they don’t learn from just a week of lessons and they certainly won’t learn without lessons.

i’m sorry to sound preachy. it’s not my style except when it comes to children and water safety, i cannot stress safety enough.

i cannot tell you how important it is to be diligent and keep your eyes on your child ALWAYS.

i will never ever forget the 8 year old that almost drowned in my backyard as a child because he got caught underneath a raft the kids were playing with, in our pool.  you can never be diligent enough. he knew how to swim. he was being watched by several adults, but he still got stuck. that was 30 years ago and i remember it like yesterday.

if you need help or ideas of how to find a place for lessons i’m happy to help. most YMCA’s offer lessons that i know several people out here have done and are very happy with.

every summer it happens and i just don’t want to hear about another child drowning because their parent turned their back and the child jumped in not knowing they don’t know how to swim.

here’s a link to find your local red cross, call them, ask them where to look for lessons if you’re out of ideas.

and here’s a link to follow and find your local YMCA for lessons.

all your children are precious. teach them safety. teach them to swim!!!!  055

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3 Responses to the scary part of summer

  1. Rachel says:

    Hi! I love this post. The little girl I nanny is currently taking ISR (infant swim resource) classes. She’s 11 months old and can now roll herself over in the water and float on her back! I recommend this class to anyone with children regardless if you are around water a lot or not.

  2. Nadine Ochs says:

    Great post. I am starting to teach swimming lessons on July 8 at my home pool. Not one parent complained about the price……’s your child’s life. Children can drown in a toilet if they fall in because they do not have he upper body strength to pull themselves out. I read a tragic case on a blog about a little boy named Ollie, 20 months old, on March 24,2012, who drown in the washing machine.( The Hebbs, Laughing our way through grief) He climbed up on the little stool, after helping his mom, while she was on the phone and fell in and drown. She found him minutes later stuck, not breathing and the when she reached her hands in the machine it was full of vomit. Pay close attention to your children, there are so many things to keep us busy now. Children love all kinds of water! Be safe this summer! And insist that caretakers and grandparents know at least the basic CPR and first aid class. 🙂

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