the little engine that could…..

Wow, I’m just blown away!! Today is monumental. I’ve officially crossed over to the 11,000 mark on blog views! (FYI, these are REAL views, not spam bots, not views per visit, these are true, honest, organic views. I spent 6 years in internet advertising, don’t think I didn’t dissect and need to know EVERY SINGLE DETAIL about those 11,000+ views!!!)

My little engine that could! 030

My often changed blog name, that’sa little unfocused and all over the place, kinda like me! But a little place on the internet to vent and share and talk about my life…….and 11,000 views later I’m more in love with my “hobby” than I was before!

Not because I need the validation, because honestly, I don’t. I enjoy writing. No, I LOVE writing, even if no one is reading what I write, but the fact that people ARE reading and coming back for more, well, THAT makes me feel AWESOME.

So, thank YOU, I’m not sure I could ever tell you how amazing this seems! – T xo


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