Welcome to my new Adventure! <3

Welcome to TracitheNanny.com!!

The newest place where you can get all the information baby, toddler and everything kid related that you didn’t know you don’t know!!!

profile_05After 20 years of childcare experience, a degree to be a preschool director and working as a nanny for almost 6 years for the same family, I’ve covered it all from newborns, to weaning, to bottle feeding a breastfed baby, to pacifier users, finger suckers, homemade food making, to diaper rash tricks, to sunburn solutions, to nap time tricks (i don’t allow a nap under 2 hours, YOU ARE THE ADULT, YOU ARE IN CHARGE!!!), to sleep training, potty training tricks, restaurant and travel tricks and the list goes on!

This site is going to be a site to use as a resource for things you didn’t know, and ideas of things to solve every day problems you didn’t know you had!

This site is NOT for judgement on any side.

It isn’t to hurt people’s feelings or change others ways of doing things. It’s purely informational, helping to give tricks and a place mommies and caregivers can come and ask questions privately should they need some help in a specific area.

I will do my best to keep my opinions on things to myself overall since that’s not the purpose here, and because I am a believer that if it works for you and it works for your child who am I to judge!

But……if you need some new ideas, I hope you’ll come back often  and visit http://www.TracitheNanny.com, because Traci Knows!!!  055

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4 Responses to Welcome to my new Adventure! <3

  1. Hillary says:

    Ooh!!!! Very excited!!!!

    • Thank you so much Hilary!!! I look forward to having you guest post when you have the time and sharing some of your (unique) Mama experience! I appreciate your support ALWAYS!! xoxox T

  2. Traci, I look forward to seeing what kind of tricks and tools you have up your sleeve… Do you have a request line? (Remember when you would call your favorite radio station and hope they would answer your call so you could hear your favorite song?) I would love to read a post on weaning! Also- this 2 hour nap minimum- details, please.

    • Thank you SOOOOOO much for the follow and I am ALL OVER the tips and hints and NEED QUESTIONS ASKED so I can answer!!! THANK YOU!!!

      And yes old time radio nerd here, request line would soooooo helpful……in the meantime feel free to post here or email me at TraciTheNanny@yahoo.com!

      Looking forward to getting to know you!! – Traci xo

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