No Spoilers – Dallas……the remake done better than perfectly!

20130319-101548.jpgI haven’t spent much time writing lately about entertainment and TV, but this is an opportunity I could not pass up.  This remake of Dallas on TNT is ABSOLUTELY amazing! It’s a nostalgic show to so many people in so many different ways over the years.

I was too young to watch the first time around, but I knew the main characters because my parents were avid watchers and I’ll admit, the theme song was only one of my favorite things to dance to every Friday night at 10pm when it came on TV.  I knew as soon as the theme was over, to bed we were to go.  And dance I did! (Think Elaine, on Seinfeld or something similar, because this girl has got ZERO rhythm!)

The minute they started promoting the show almost a year before the premiere aired, I knew I was going to be hooked. The nostalgia alone drew to me it. I am always leery of remakes, EVEN loving the actors, I admit, I never watched the new 90210, the new 20130319-101606.jpgMelrose Place was great, but merely because they held it in the same building and had many old cast members visit, but, it wasn’t perfect. It was lacking something, I couldn’t tell you what. I never tried Hawaii 5-0, it’s on opposite other stuff I watch, and I never saw the original or had any memories tied to it. And one of the most unfortunate remakes was the Knight Rider one with Justin Bruenig that I wanted to make it so much because I LOVE HIM (formerly grown-up Jamie Martin, son of Tad Martin on All My Children for those who can’t place the name).  I wanted all of those to make it, but not one was done properly.

What did TNT, Larry Hagman and the creators of the new Dallas do differently that has it succeeding, has crossed generations, gender lines, demographic groups and seems to be the little engine that could, right from the start last summer of 2012??? Besides the show being on cable and allowing it a larger budget and a less pressure on success…..

20130319-101611.jpgTHEY INCLUDED AND STAYED TRUE TO HISTORY. They built a new show AROUND the old show. I have no doubt that this show could continue on for seasons and seasons to come and as the older actors and actresses retire or we lose them like Larry Hagman, RIP, who we lost earlier this year.

The new cast is beyond BRILLIANT. From the well-known faces and names playing the legacies of these legendary characters, the return of Linda Gray, the addition of Brenda Strong as the new wife of Bobby Ewing, genius, and Jesse Metcalf as their son. Brilliant.  Both came 20130319-101542.jpgfrom Desperate Housewives so both had very familiar, welcome faces.  Then Jordana Brewster, Josh Henderson and Mitch Pileggi (simultaneously playing a VERY different part on Sons of Anarchy, and known to me originally from the X-Files) more fantastic casting. Whether you like the actors or not, they are well-known names, that have a following and that people tuned into watch. And that can hold their own carrying this legendary, iconic show perfectly into the next generation.

20130319-101554.jpgI LOVE THIS SHOW!!! I look forward to it every week. It’s not predictable (mostly), and the romance and suspense and intrigue is just enough to keep you coming back for more.  I hope, with all my heart and soul they find a way to fund it and keep it going now that Larry Hagman has passed……the show will not be the same without him, and I’m so glad we got the first season and a half to watch THE JR Ewing bring this new generation of Dallas watchers the handing the baton over.

RIP JR Ewing. RIP Larry Hagman you will ALWAYS be missed, but never forgotten.


Thank you Dallas for being a part of my childhood…..and thank you TNT for giving me a chance to love this show all over again!


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1 Response to No Spoilers – Dallas……the remake done better than perfectly!

  1. Kourtney says:

    We are totally hooked on Dallas! I never watched the original, but the theme song alone is enough to bring back subtle memories. I love that they kept the same song, and have stuck to the same story line as the original. The new characters are great and there is nothing cheesy about it. It’s one of those shows that keeps me watching (I tend to have a short attention span on long shows) and I can’t wait for the next week to see what happens. Sad that Larry Hagman passed, but I’m glad he was a part of the show and left many secrets to keep the show going after he was gone!

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