R.I.P. Mindy McCready……your light went out far too soon.

I can’t help but just sit here and stare at the headlines.mindy mccready pic

Mindy McCready, a HUGE Country Star from the 80’s & 90’s committed suicide successfully today.  She’s been troubled for years, in and out of rehab, she’s lost custody of her eldest child, she’s been extradited and she’s had her children taken from her. She has a 6-year-old and a 9-month-old going to bed tonight without a mommy. She’s gone. She won’t be there tomorrow morning. And I just read that the father of the baby, committed suicide a month ago as well.

She died today at her own hands, and for some they can’t rectify that as sad, that’s fine, please keep your feelings to yourself. The way I see it, she was crying out for help for so long and people weren’t listening.

She was sent to rehab for alcohol & drug abuse, but her problem was depression.  Had her illness been treated, she’d still be here today and likely wouldn’t have been through 3/4 of what she has over the past 10 years.

Why didn’t her family and friends and those around her see that she was crying out for help?

Why did they put a band-aid on it by sending her to rehab, and when at rehab how did they miss that this was a deeply depressed woman who needed help??

This is a topic EXTREMELY close to my heart and to think about her being my age and today she’s gone. She was a Country Music Star, filling out arena’s, at the top of the world at one point. And she fell so far, she couldn’t get back up.  She was in a scary, sad, dark place and my heart breaks for what she must have been feeling and going through all these years.

How incredibly sad that it’s just too late. Here’s a link to the Yahoo story about Mindy McCready and her life for those that may not be familiar with her. She was a talented woman who had so much more life to live. http://music.yahoo.com/blogs/our-country/report-mindy-mccready-dead-apparent-suicide-030042125.html

Don’t let it be too late for someone you think needs help in YOUR life.  Be vigilant.  Get help. Even if it makes them angry at you.  In the end, you could be saving their lives.

If you question the validity of depression and suicide I welcome everyone to visit this site SuicideIsPreventable.org. They have some great information and if you have someone in your life you’re concerned about it gives great information regarding warning signs and how to talk to someone who may be considering suicide.

R.I.P Mindy McCready……..god speed.  May you find peace and hopefully those Ten Thousand Angels you sang about so beautifully are watching down on your boys. One of my favorite songs.


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1 Response to R.I.P. Mindy McCready……your light went out far too soon.

  1. Paula says:

    I’m so glad you posted this Traci! I’ve been meaning to come by here all week and comment. I was such a fan of Mindy McCready back in the day. I absolutely wore out the Ten Thousand Angels CD when it came out. I always thought and hoped she would be able to land on her feet at some point. It’s ironic that many of her hits were about female empowerment, but she was unable to harness that in her private life. I agree wholeheartedly with you, Mindy was suffering from depression. The drugs and alcohol were merely a manifestation of that illness. Most people don’t realize how common it is for those suffering from depression, anxiety, and various other mental illnesses to “self-medicate” with alcohol and drugs. Of course that only compounds the problem and a vicious cycle ensues. I can’t help thinking that if she had only had the right people around her with even rudimentary knowledge of mental illnesses that she might still be here. It seems she was one of those people who unfortunately fell through the cracks. It’s so tragic that this happened and what a loss.

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