The Miracle of Time Flying……

So today’s Blog Dare topic doesn’t apply, it starts with “Mommy…….”, and well since the only possible mommy callers are dogs, I really would have nothing to add here! 😉

I’m sitting here on the 1st birthday of my dear friends’ twin’s birthday and reflecting on tracitalksbackHOW FAST TIME FLIES.

And yet, to me, the past 366 days isn’t THAT monumental. Okay, I lie, this has been a monumental year for me growing as a human being, a year when Brady was born and I met the man I love,  I can’t really say that, but in a “normal” year, 365 days and more pass without us thinking twice. But here, on this monumental day for Lily & Jonah it’s impossible not to think how different a year is to the life of a baby.

In the life of a baby, they went from being in-utero, to living outside the womb.  They’ve gone from being swaddled and held constantly to wanting to crawl around and explore and taste EVERYTHING.  They’ve gone from being little blobs to being little people who are exploring and on the go!

A year is a big deal.  Why do we stop making a big deal out of it when our accomplishments aren’t as great as they were in the first year of our lives??

I sometimes feel like I’m still in my 20’s, funny, I know, but then reality sets in and I remember all the life I’ve lived since then and realize how far I’ve come.  But I look at the kids that I had in my 2nd grade class the year of 9/11, and wow, they’re getting prepared to apply to college now.  It’s unbelievable. TIME FLIES SO FAST.

I got Riley for my 30th Birthday. She was my present to myself and the best decision I’ve ever made.  Learning to care for something/someone else 24/7 was a huge eye opener.  But now I don’t know how I would have gotten through so many times over the past 7.5 years without her. Yet I can remember the drive that day to pick her up, and it seems just yesterday.  WOW!  TIME FLIES SO FAST.

Today as we sing happy birthday to the babies, I can’t help but think about how much they’ve learned and done and grown in the last year.  How much they will continue to grow into the next year too. We all grow in a year, but because we can’t see it, we don’t seem to give ourselves credit for it.  Take a moment and think about where you were last year this time.  Write some notes down.  Check Facebook, somewhere you have a record of what you were doing this time last year and see how far YOU’VE come! ❤


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