So far, this year has brought…..

So far this year has brought some surprises already as well as lots of positivity.  It’s brought some frustration that I’m having a hard time dealing with. And it’s brought a sense of calm and peace that I’m not sure I’ve ever felt or experienced ever, much less in my adult life.

It’s brought epiphanies. It’s brought realities hitting me in the face. And it’s brought clarity.

Kind of fascinating to sit here on the 36th day of the year and have all that to say………but it’s true.

I’ve vowed to stay on track. And so far, I have. Maybe not as stringent as I had on January 2nd, but, everyone has to find their place and comfort zone.  I’m blogging A LOT, but, I’m not blogging daily.  The Blog Dare Challenge is awesome and I’m loving it, but even the person who sponsors it says that it’s quality over quantity so don’t just write to post, write to write and skip topics or days if you have nothing to say or are having a day that’s just not a writing day. We ALL have them!

My weight has maintained (and maybe even dropped a teeny bit more) and I’m loving using my Nike Fuel Band.  It’s making me move around more, I do a ton of that already during the day, so now, I have a goal, and I’m blowing out of the park.  I’ve done the equivalent of a 100k in a month.  If I’m not at my goal by the time I get home from work or within an hour or so of midnight when it resets, I find an activity to surpass my goal.  I’ve taken a walk with the dogs, done a yoga DVD and most recently much to the dogs entertainment, did jumping jacks for 15 minutes. (I tried to do sit-ups but Oliver was getting fresh with me!). 😉

My jar sits across the room, some days I have lots of things to add, some days, I don’t.  I was way more into it at the beginning of the year, but, I also have had A LOT on my mind and somehow those little things are getting by me. I need to get out of my own head and refocus on the little things……….

I’d say so far for 36 days it’s been busy, productive and a positive start to 2013!

~ traci xox

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2 Responses to So far, this year has brought…..

  1. Love you Traci! Near or far, I will always ❤ my dear! In IIKE, Beth

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