I had no choice, I was bred to be a night owl!

blue owlAll my life I have stayed up late. It’s a blessing and a curse but it’s an inherited trait and Friday night my friend Michelle pointed out I truly was bred and trained to be a night owl, almost as if I had no choice.

As a baby and toddler I went to sleep at 10pm and slept until 10am, and then napped every afternoon.  My parents are late people, and my Dad wanted to have enough time with me, so, I would sleep until 10am, and then go to preschool from 1pm-4pm and come home and nap, eat dinner as as family around 7:30pm and then mommy & daddy Traci time until 10pm.

So when I’m awake until 3am and frustrated, I know I can blame my parents!!

Even like today, I took a nap, fell asleep about 8pm, but by 11pm WIDE AWAKE and ready to play!

I can call my parents up until about midnight without anyone panicking it’s an emergency but you better not call before 10am!!!

So, while y’all love teasing me, I’m now relived to know that I have no choice. I love being a night owl. I don’t have a problem with it, I’m sorry if you do! And well, when you realize how my parents raised me, there was no chance in the world I wasn’t going to be one too! ~ traci xoxo

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