I find comfort among….

Monday January 14, 2013

I find comfort among……..the characters on my favorite televisions shows. Weird, right?? Not really actually. I’ve spent a lot of time talking to my therapist about this, and she says that we all have our “outs” or our survival mechanism’s.

I didn’t grow up watching TV.  I mean, I watched Sesame Street and Mr Rogers when I was young, and then the only TV we really watched was on school holidays or vacations we could watch morning cartoons, game shows and well, my mom was a soap opera watcher, so even though i wasn’t supposed to be paying attention, I got hooked at 8 years old to the ABC Soaps. (<—but that’s another post!)

I find comfort knowing that no matter when I turn on a show, I’m going to get an hour (really 42 minutes) with my favorite characters. I’ve followed some season after season, year after year and truly feel like they are part of my life.

My therapist says that because as a kid my escape would be to play out scenario’s in my head, playing pretend.  Imagining outcomes to my future. Imagining a different life than I was living.  It’s when I decided a prince charming would come on a white horse and rescue me someday (where the hell is he btw??) 😉

As I write this post I’m sure others will think this sounds funny or strange, that’s okay. We all have our comforts.  I like routine. I like constants. I like something I can count on and when you are a loyal viewer of a television program you know that no matter when you turn it on, you will ALWAYS find your characters, your friends. I know they’re pretend. I know they don’t exist in real life, but, it’s an escape for me.

My ex and I used to have this conversation often, he had a much tougher upbringing than i did, and his escape was movies and still is. He loves to watch movies.  He remembers being a kid and collecting change to be able to afford a ticket to a matinée.  He took his first job as a teenager at a movie theater just so he could reap the benefits of being at a movie theater all the time.  I know that THIS is a much more common escape for people to admit to. But for me, movies last an hour or two, maybe even 90 minutes, but then your relationship with the characters ends.

I LOVE the longevity of a relationship with a character on a long running show. I love the history you follow of the character (if the writing and editing are done properly!) and mostly I love that I can escape into another city, country, continent whatever it might be for a period of time and pretend my life doesn’t exist. My problems aren’t as bad as theirs are, and for that period of time, I don’t have to be Traci. I can just be an outsider looking in. I can be invisible. I can be an objective observer.

When I need to escape, and I need to get out of my own head, I find comfort watching TV and catching up with my characters on shows I’ve watched for years. ~ traci xoxo


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