Schools should…….

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Schools should……..take the opportunity to educate parents on BEING parents.  When I was growing up my parents went at least once a month to a speaker or specialist that had been brought in to our school to talk to them about something related to us and our development.

From stranger danger, to separation anxiety, to setting limits and discipline, to offering suggestions on motivating kids to do their homework.  They would go to these parent meetings at our school and it educated them and gave them the opportunity to receive information from the speaker, who was always a specialist in their field, on the topic or a child therapist AND to talk amongst the other parents in attendance about what was going on at their home or how they handle a certain situation.

Now I’m sure someone, if not all of you are thinking well yeah but we have the internet now and blogs. NO!!! THAT IS NOT THE SAME THING!!!

First of all, the internet and what you can READ and interpret on your own will never EVER take the place of a face to face class or training when it comes to children.

Second of all, everyone spouts their opinion online and I’ve caught myself reading a few blogs or following a few people on Instagram that I have since unfollowed because they write as if they ARE an expert in their field and in all actuality their only qualification is that they’ve been a parent for 3 years.

Schools didn’t used to be just a place to send our children everyday, they were a place for children to learn, and they were used as a resource as well. A central place to help children grow and learn and become healthy, honest, law-abiding citizens.

Learning has many levels and importances. Some things you can learn from a book. Some things you learn from your peers and A LOT you learn from the adults around you. I would love to see schools return to offering parents information, resources and a place to get information they may not even know that they don’t know! ~ traci xoxo

Author’s Note: I DO realize that our school system is in serious trouble and that there is no money for these sort of things anymore.  But I would love to see the parent organizations to do a fundraiser FOR these kinds of programs.  And in the meantime, it would be fantastic if local synagogues, churches and mosques offered community events open to whomever would like to attend to learn these sometimes obvious sometimes completely out of left field parenting skills. These kids don’t come with manuals and as a society we need to join together and accept guidance from specialists and educators that share the philosophy you have, and can offer guidance on some of those tricky things.

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