first post of 2013!

Well, hi everyone, i guess we made it! 🙂

Happy 2013 to you ALL! I hope the new year is off to a great start for everyone. ❤

I’ve decided to start a Blog Dare (challenge) for 2013.  Each day there’s a prompt or topic to write about. I didn’t realize until I got started tonight (on night #2) how uncomfortable and awkward writing and answering some of these challenges would be. But, that is kinda why I’m doing it and it’s a great way to challenge my writing. Challenge my fears and have some fun while doing it.

Today’s prompt is “My 2013 ‘Bucket List’ – What I want to do before 2013 is over”, which is so funny because I’m actually going to cheat a little on this one. I’ve already made TWO huge commitments to myself on my blog for this year.

I don’t have a bucket list. There are things I want to do and places I want to see, but it’s not my goal.

I digress!

I also don’t believe in resolutions, I believe that we all can change our behaviors whenever we want to and whenever we are ready.  It’s a decision between yourself and no one else, and you can do that as easily on a Wednesday in August as you can on January 1st. 🙂

But for the sake of the Blog Dare for January, 2nd, my goa or bucket list for 2013 is to do something new everyday of the year. (and no, no leather pants like Ross Geller!!!).

I’m a creature of habit and in the past couple of years, while my best friend and I joke about it (Hello, I’m Sheldon from Big Bang Theory suddenly), it’s starting to worry me. I don’t want to be THAT rigid. I want to be able to go into Subway to order a sandwich and it not be a tuna on italian & cheese bread.  Or go to the mall and only park in one parking entrance. Or to allow my keys to be on the 2nd hook on my thingy by the front door for my keys. My hook is the 1st, why would I put it on the 2nd or 3rd?

So I’m challenging myself to do some big things AND some little things.

Some I will share with you, because no doubt WILL there will be some that are hilarious, and some are just personal and private that don’t need publicizing but will help me become a better me this year.

On the list for tomorrow……….GO TO WORK WITHOUT MAKING MY BED!! Oh the Horror! (I wonder if I will be able to do it and not sneak home with Brady during the day to make it!).

The other goal for myself I’ve made this year is putting a colored post-it with the good things that happen throughout the year, and then when I’m having a blue day, I can sit photo(2)and read and remember all of those wonderful things that had happened so far in 2013.  This month is turquoise blue paper, and I’ve got 3 in there so far……it’s got it’s own little corner and I’m excited to do this!!

So that’s my start to 2013. So far, no complaints. Today I beat my Nike Fuel Goal before 11am, which ain’t too shabby either if you ask me!

Let’s hope I can pull off this not making my bed business!!! ~ traci xox

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2 Responses to first post of 2013!

  1. Kourt says:

    Awesome! Just awesome! We are too much alike! I have such little quirks that I can’t get through the day without! I hope you’re able to reach your personable goals/challenges this year. Just know there are other freaks like you in the world, and we’re rooting for you 😉

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