goodbye 2012…..hello 2013.

As you may or may not know, I don’t believe in resolutions. I feel that they’re forced on us by the media and our society and they don’t work. REAL resolutions come from within.

It’s that September day you look in the mirror and say I’ve had enough, and proceed to kick ass and lose 100+lbs over the next year.

Or that late July day that you realize you are just too depressed to dig yourself out and you realize you need to ask for help and see a therapist.

Instead I like to look at it that one should take stock of their life throughout the year.  For me that falls around the holidays and my birthday, which happen to be about 6-months apart.  For my best friend it’s before the school year starts and before the semester ends, she’s a teacher.

I look around and see if I’m happy about the people I’m surrounding myself with. (It used to be only offline, but now it’s become an online activity too, cleaning house!).

I look to see if I am comfortable with where I am living and is this where I want to continue living, and if not, start coming up with a plan.

Is my job making me happy? Am I earning enough to support myself??

I can honestly say as I sit here on 12/30/12 that for the most part, I have done all I can to be happy going into 2013. I’ve taken control of my life, I’ve eradicated people from my life that were toxic and I’ve lost 35lbs and am the thinnest I’ve been in my 30’s. I feel good on the outside so it makes me feel better on the inside. And is motivating me to use my Nike Fuel Band to get some physical activity which I’ve never been motivated to do in my life!

I have a job that fulfills me and I look forward to going to daily. Three gorgeous babies who’s lives would not be the same without me, just like mine wouldn’t be the same without them. If ever there was more of a “mutually beneficial arrangement” this is it. All of the love I would shower upon my own children, I can shower and spoil upon these three. 🙂

I realized this year that while it IS a job, it’s so much more and I truly do not think my heart could handle not having them in my life and me in theirs. Luckily I have many years left with them to watch them grow, love them, cuddle them, spoil them and help mold them into the beautiful little souls they’re becoming. And after five years with them I don’t feel like anything will ever break the bond that we have.  They will always be in my life and vice versa.

But I digress, a lot! Sorry!!

My point is, instead of waiting to make the changes AS of 1/1, I look to make them ahead of time so that come 1/1, my life is already headed down a path that I want to be following in the coming year.  At the anticipation, I made some changes and had some uncomfortable conversations that had to happen. I’m proud of me.  I’ve come a long long long way since August 1st, and I have so many of you to thank. YOU my digital friends, the ones that people turn up their noses and shrug off the fact that I’ve “made friends on Twitter or through Blogs”.  You were the ones that “listened” endlessly. You were the ones who checked in to make sure I was okay.  You were the ones who genuinely cared about MY feelings.

To those of you who have been by my side this year, every step of the way, and not judged, just listened, given simple advice and each filled or helped with a part of my life that no one else could have, I’m eternally grateful to call you my friends. And don’t know how I could ever possibly thank you enough. ❤

I’ve been posting this challenge for days now.

It’s MY plan for 2013, so that I start noticing the small things. The things we often look past and don’t realize can make all the difference in the world.


I don’t know where this started but I’m adopting it for the year. It seems like such an easy thing to do, and in times of desperation or sadness, something you have at your fingertips to remind you all of the good that happens in YOUR LIFE. Not in the world. Not in someone else’s, but in yours.  I see that it can be something as little as good parking karma to a promotion at work.  Either way, I look forward to sharing this project as the year progresses.  I’ve gotten myself  a giant mason jar, and 12 different color post-it sized paper so that I can look and just see from the jar which months may have been brighter than others.

And tomorrow, I plan to close out the year in the one place I can forget the rest of the world is around and that I’m a carefree child…..which is JUST what I need, Disneyland!!

I plan to blog tomorrow before the big New Year’s Eve trip to Disneyland……but in the off-chance I get sidetracked, I wish everyone a happy, healthy and safe new year!! May 2013 bring only love, peace and contentment to your homes. ~ traci xox


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1 Response to goodbye 2012…..hello 2013.

  1. I like “plans” better than resolutions. I plan to be more patient, which involves many little plans…but ah well. One day at a time, right? YOU GOT THIS!

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