an update….on nothing

hopeI have so much to say, and so much going on, but yet nothing to say.

I’m not ready to say it. And I’ve always said I wouldn’t disrespect anyone else’s privacy.

When the time is right I’ll spill all, and let you all in.

Just know that I am okay.

With every goodbye we get stronger.
With every change we grow stronger.

Why things like this have to happen at all, I don’t understand. Maybe someday I will. Today I don’t.

I am stronger than I have ever been.
And I’m more confident than I have ever been.Strength_Brooch--large

I will survive.
The pain has just been sitting around too long and it’s time.

Life will go on.
Life as I know it will be different than it’s been.
But life will go on. And I’m a little bit stronger than I was before. ~ traci xox

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2 Responses to an update….on nothing

  1. Debbie A. says:

    Traci, from my experiences in life I’ve learned you do survive & become stronger, the heart heals & a broken one doesn’t show up on a heart stress test or an Echocardiocardoogram. Letting go of a failed relationship whether with a boyfriend or a girlfriend is painful. You have to do what’s best for you when you’re hurting, not worry about them, .when you are the one whose been hurt. Time to let the fantasy go of who you thought they were to the reality of who they really are. People don’t basically change. There are good people out there. We have to give off the vibe that that is the type of people we want in our lives. And we have to be ready to attract them , or we repeat the same wrong relationships for us………I love you! Call me anytime you want to talk! xoxo

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