oh the rage…..the Hanukkah rage!!!

Today I planned to post my Hanukkah traditions as part of the series I did educating on Hanukkah. I am really excited!!  I’ve gotten great feedback and I’m going to continue doing this with every Jewish holiday. education takes away ignorance and while I haven’t seen much change, I’m doing what I can to spread the word.

Insert Law & Order Theme Song Here –

……….and then I saw this, and I think I might vomit. Every time I think about it my blood boils, I get disappointed and sad.

Hanukkah Helpers® magically visit children during the Festival of Lights and enrich their lives with a timeless Hanukkah tradition. An embroidered snowflake over their heart is the mark of an authentic Hanukkah Helper. With their companionship, hugs, adventures and love, Hanukkah Helpers create memories the whole family will cherish for a lifetime.

The plush 10-inch Helpers are great companions during the day and often surprise the children during the night with mysterious and unpredictable adventures. When Hanukkah is over, the Helper must return home and prepare for the next year’s visit. The tradition continues year after year, and each time the Hanukkah Helper visits, children (and even adults) experience the same sense of playful suspense, excitement and friendship.Dreidel

Making Donuts

“I’m a Hanukkah Helper your own special friend, To be here with you ’til the season ends! Let the dreidels start spinning and the latkes start turning, Oh… I can’t wait to see candles burning!…”


It’s things like this, or blue stockings with Stars of David or Christmas Ornaments with the same Jewish symbol are sacrilegious, disrespectful and a sad sad state of my religion and the traditions. See Hanukkah IS a religious holiday built solely on religious beliefs and history. Of course traditions in one’s home can be different (that post will happy tomorrow, the day before the first night!), but, we now have to compete with the freaking shelf elf. wow. just wow.

It hurts me deeply that people think this is how you celebrate a JEWISH holiday. It’s a Christmas tradition to have elves, and to have them come bring presents, etc, etc. For Hanukkah our family & friends are the ones to give us presents not random elves!!! We don’t have a bush or a tree or lights on the outside of your house or stockings and certainly not ornaments.

It has always been hard being Jewish in a Christian world. Being different.  I always wanted Santa to come visit me, he seemed fun and jolly and someone I wanted to bring me presents! But alas, 37 years he’s yet to visit, BECAUSE I AM JEWISH, and I’m proud of that. We have our own traditions (post coming shortly!) and replacing them by Christian (or Pagen) rituals doesn’t make you like everyone else, it makes you someone who doesn’t understand your own religion and one who is choosing to adopt Christianity, to be like everyone else rather than to LEARN about your own holiday and religion and traditions.

A friend said that wasn’t it cute and maybe it’s so that the Jewish kids don’t feel left out, and for a minute I thought about it and remembered all those Christmas mornings I woke up and thought maybe THIS would be the year. But guess what, life isn’t equal or fair or the same. And our religion is dying because of things like this. During OUR lifetime, within the next few years the last of the Holocaust survivors will die, and with them the true history. THEY would not be okay with this. WE should not be okay with this because it diminishes who we are as a Jewish people.

There are people of my generation who choose to have a Hanukkah bush so that they too can have a Christmas tree, because they felt left out growing up. I GET IT. It sucks being different, and not being like everyone else celebrating Christmas at a time of year where EVERYTHING AROUND YOU is Christmas themed, but why not embrace it and rock Hanukkah than try to be something you’re not or try to make Hanukkah in competition with Christmas, I don’t understand.

I understand mixed marriages and raising children with both backgrounds/religions, it’s something I would and may someday do. I don’t feel I could ever allow my spouse to give up their religion, so I came to terms years ago that I would be okay with a home where both are observed. But Hanukkah would be Hanukkah and Christmas would be Christmas……….there’s no similarity. There’s no merging the two. There’s no crossover and there’s no competition. Nor are they based on any of the same premises!!!

My family is 100% Jewish. We only celebrated Jewish holidays IN my home, however, many of our closest friends growing up weren’t Jewish and we always went and decorated their tree’s, drank eggnog, I even remember having my picture taken in the mall with Santa. But it wasn’t to make up for Hanukkah! It wasn’t incorporated into Hanukkah, it was purely to celebrate and enjoy the merriment of the season.

As you can read, this is something I’m passionate about. I’m scared of our religion dying because of these people of my generation afraid to say no to their kids. Afraid to be different. Afraid they’ve missed out on something. I get it 100%, but it doesn’t mean that I go and act upon it. ~ traci xox

P.S. btw……..at least these ones aren’t creepy, they’re actually cute! so HA!!!

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