a guest post from my friend Kristina of Sew Curly

kristina's girlsThis is a repost from my friend Kristina of Sew Curly Creations. Kristina is an amazing mom and business owner and while we live 2,710 miles apart (approx), are from different faiths and have never met in person, we have deeply connected, and I feel so fortunate to call her my friend and look forward to meeting her and her family someday soon! I’ve waited most of my life to find a friend like her, she understands me and gets me and while we may not always agree, we can agree to disagree. She has brought me hope on some of my darkest days. She is a true gem and I am so blessed to have her in my life. ❤ She posted this on her blog, and from the second I started reading it I cannot tell you how much it resonated with me. Kristina was a teacher (like me) and trained to work with children, and how fascinating that she too believes in the same ways of child rearing as I do. We talk about this often. Before reposting her article I feel the need to preface this by saying as you read what she expects of her daughters and how she runs her warm, loving home, please remember, she has 3 daughters 5 and under. Kate (5), Caroline Grace (4) and Rebecca (2) and has a husband in the medical field who up until recently was gone for DAYS on end. She is a saint, and a supermom and we all could learn A LOT from her. When I was a kid my school, our synagogue and various parent groups provided parent nights with therapists and speakers who came to talk to the parents and discuss normal childhood things, how best to handle them and I’m sure it was a way for parents to get better tools to use to work with their children. I don’t know anyone in Los Angeles doing this anymore and Kristina inspires me. I want to reach out and help the mommy’s and daddy’s of So Cal.~ traci xo p.s. make sure to check out her store, it’s awesome and there are so many great gifts and personalized stuff. http://www.sewcurly.com/ ****************************************************************************


I don’t know if I was always a routine person.  As a matter of fact, I’m betting I wasn’t. When I was teaching, I REALLY followed a schedule.  I wasn’t fanatical about it but it was pretty close to fanatical.  I needed to stay on a schedule to stay focused and get everything accomplished.  Teaching is no joke.
Well, apparently neither is motherhood.  I’m pretty fanatical about a schedule these days but not in the way you’d think.  Maybe it’s a better description if I say I’m fanatical about routine.
In our house we have a routine for everything.  And I mean EVERYTHING.
Here’s how some of it goes:
Wake up

  • get dressed
  • make bed
  • brush teeth
  • brush hair
  • head downstairs
  • get shoes on
  • eat breakfast
  • get into the car
Meal time
  • wash hands
  • set the table (utensils, drinks)
  • take meal to the table on plates
  • sit
  • say grace
  • eat dinner
  • go upstairs
  • jammies on
  • brush teeth
  • read a story
  • sing lullabies (each child has their own “special song”)
  • tuck into bed
  • lights off
  • sleep
Routine is essential for my sanity.  The kids never ask me what they need to do – they just know.  Even Rebecca, who is 2, knows the routine.  It’s so refreshing.  Now, of course, at times they need reminders but normally it’s pretty smooth sailing around these parts.
What kind of routines do you have in your house?
– Kristina
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