my secret to soft, moisturized hands all year ’round!

do you have dry, cracked, itchy hands??

i do too! especially this time of year! i find between the kids and the dogs i wash my hands so much that i’m always needing to do this. they actually hurt by the end of the day.

years ago a friend taught me this little trick and i’d love to pass it on!

i use it year ’round and it keeps my hands feeling soft and moisturized and the best part is you don’t have to buy any (expensive) supplies!!!

the supplies you DO need are:

  • vegetable or canola oil or olive oil
  • granulated sugar
  • hand soap of your choice
  • hand lotion of your choice

first you take the sugar and put a healthy amount in your hand:

next, get the canola, vegetable or olive oil & pour it over the heap of sugar in your hand:

take the sugar and oil and rub thoroughly through both of your hands. making extra sure to scrub between your fingers and around your cuticles. (it’ll get rid of dead cuticles too!)

once you feel you’ve sufficiently scrubbed your hands as best as can be done, you add a few pumps of hand soap to the mixture.

now you have hands full of a sugar/oil substance with soap.  again, continue to rub your hands around and around as if you’re trying to get bubbles to appear (they won’t).

after a few minutes of that, add warm water and completely wash off the entire mixture.  you may need some extra soap to counteract the oil.  but just wash wash wash.

I ALWAYS use paper-towels, it helps to stop the spread of germs during cold & flu season and makes sure that you’re getting a dry, sanitized towel after your exfoliation.

the next step, lotion!

i use whatever’s around, i’m known for using baby lotions because if they make a baby soft, they sure can’t hurt me!! but use whatever lotion you choose. nothing you can do would be wrong!  i’ve used kiehl’s to cetaphil to body shop lotion to burts bees.

……..and voila!

you should have softer, cleaner, less chapped, less cracked, exfoliated hands in minutes!

good luck!!

~ traci xoxo

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