SOA, A Metamorpahsis

i’m writing this post smack dab in the middle of my own metamorphasis. from depressed to happy. from disconnected to connected. from hopeless to hopeful.

i always think straight to a butterfly when i hear about a metamorphasis, but this article isn’t about that. from an ugly catepillar to a beautiful butterfly.

its’s about the metaphorphasis of a character. and when writers are writing, and producers are producing, there’s often subdtle things they throw into the show/movie in order to define a character. some times they’re smaller and sometimes more obvious.

i make no secret in the twitter and facebook universes that i love jax teller. i love everything about his character from start until where we are now.  i see him as a tortured soul. someone who has no choice but to feel a tug in his soul from the good and the bad. the devil and the angel.

from season 1-4 you see in his eyes that he doesn’t enjoy any of this. he does it to keep his family safe. he does it to make a living and it’s obviously the only life he knows, just like he tells tara.

but there was always something very out of sync about his character to me. you see, a true red blooded motorcyle rider would’t be wearing shelltoe addidas. it’s the visual part of jax that you’re supposed to see of his tortured soul. it that he has’t officially committed to being this tough killing motor cycle gang leader.

throughout the series the shoes catch me offguard. they’re as white as white can be. and they’re symbolic. they are the symbolic part of his that has stayed good.

i’m i the middle of season 5, it’s supposed to go 7 seasons. jax is still wearing those white shelltoe addidas. white as ever. even as president of SAMCRO. symbolism. if you watch his face, you see him become a ruthless killer. this tortured soul, is tortured on so many levels. he thought he was like his father JT but in actuality, he’s as ruthless as clay, the stepfather that raised him.

i think throughout the the second part of this season, and throughout the end of the series, we are going to continue to see jax metaphorphasize into a miniature clay. a ruthless killer who will do anything to protect in the name of the club. he will become heartless. he will become a different jackson teller we met 7 seasons before. and as we watch and feel this internal change, i predict we begin to see a change and the addidas shell toe shoes will be exchanged with black motorcycle boots like you’d expect.

i love this show and i love jax…..i love how many layers there are here. kurt sutter is a crazy ass genuis and i am so glad i got hooked! ~ traci xo

And then Entertainment Weekly agreed and put Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) on the cover!!! Can you say YUM????

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