i stand with israel, today & always

today, as i write this, bombs are being blasted into israel at a rapid rate. no longer in uninhabited areas but smack in the middle of jerusalem and tel aviv. like a beverly hills or times square equivalent as far as importance go to put it in perspective.

my friends and family are not safe.

i look on twitter and i’m scared because people blame israel for this??? i don’t understand.

i’ve never been to israel. i’m the first to say i’m an american who happens to be jewish.  then suddenly, i hear the ignorance and the malice and i feel the need to call israel my own. and a need to explain what IS going on in israel and why saying israel is at fault is a misguided perspective.

i’m the first to admit i’m not well read on israeli politics. having never been there, my connection is not the same as others close to me. but part of who i am is to care about people, care about the underdog and care about those that aren’t being treated fairly.

i saw a quote that explains it perfectly, “if palenstine put down their guns their would be no war. if israel put down their guns there would be no israel” – benjamin netanyahu, israeli prime minister

israel doesn’t want to fight. israel just wants to live. for the past 64+ years this has been going on. the idea of a two state nation allows for the jews to live in israel and the palestinans to live in their own country. but that isn’t enough for them, they want it all.

right now there are extremists, hamas and hezbollah that are linked to al-qaeda in other situations, that are attacking israel and pounding them with air strikes.  so israel HAS TO fight back.

just like we did when 9/11 happened and america was attacked.

we are about to see history happen. and not the good kind. the kind that changes millions of lives forever.

the kind that changes the face of a region. the lives of a generation. the kind that changes history.

i was speaking with an israeli man who lives in los angeles with his family tonight at the kids school and he was saying how this WILL be the bloodiest to ever hit the region, israel is calling up all their forces, and not just the active duty ones. in israel you’re never out of the army. everyone serves at 18 for at least 2 years and as long as you live in israel, in times of war, anyone could be called to serve. which makes us the strongest and fiercest army anywhere.

it WILL get worse.

it WILL be ugly.

it WILL cause deaths.

we can only hope the innocent are spared.

there are IDF people, israel defense forces, telling the people of the affected areas outside of israel to get out if they are not on the side of these extremists. there will be strikes and it will be when least expected in the most powerful way possible. the innocent are being warned.

to clarify, the people attacking israel are extremists. they are not the majority, but they also are powerful and have nothing to lose. there are suicide bombers and people out there willing to give their lives to try and destroy israel and it’s people at all costs.

IDF is currently live tweeting everything going on with gaza. i read through some of their tweets, the tweets of facts and i want to share them with you. i will retweet them as i see them, and i’m sure there will be a follow-up to this post later this weekend.

what’s going on there makes it hard for many of us to continue on here as if nothing is wrong. we try, but, i know i’m up at 4am because i’m glued to the news of what’s going on there. what will happen next, will my dear friend ariela and her family and husband’s family be okay? will he be called up to war? please dear g-d i hope not. they have 3 small girls and she needs him. my heart breaks for her and so many like her, living their lives in their homeland, not bothering anyone. not doing anything different than we are. just trying to live their lives, raise their girls and teach them good morals and values.

@IDFSpokesperson In 2012 alone, terror organizations in #Gaza have fired over one thousand rockets into #Israel. It’s been going on for the past 12 years.    

i’m scared. i don’t want our world to change, but it’s about to happen and in a scary, scary way. my heart is heavy. it’s never far from my mind. but wherever I stand, I stand with Israel.

May all those, Israeli and Palestinian, caught in the crossfire, be safe. עם ישראל חי!

~ traci xox

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