tonight, i’m scared

as we sit here on the cusp of election day, i can’t help but feel emotional. tomorrow our world could change forever. a world so many fought for us to have.

i sit here thinking of the past elections and the “eve’s” of those elections and how i felt, and i guess i have to be honest, not much different from how i do RIGHT NOW.

uneasy. scared. sad. hopeful. involved. inspired. but honestly, mostly scared.

i hate the unknown. i hate not having a plan. i hate just seeing what will happen, which is what tomorrow and this election is all about.

i’ve never admitted this on my blog before but i’m pretty much a chicken shit. everything scares me. always. i’ve worked so hard as an adult to be brave. i’ve had to. i’m a 37 year old woman who’s been on her own and i consciously have to talk myself off the ledge, um, daily.

obviously a lot of what i’ve lived through and come back from has made me a stronger woman, but who i am inside is just that same scared little girl standing on top of the stairs of the slide, looking down and choosing to take the stairs back down instead of sliding down like the other kids for fear of getting hurt. and fear of the unknown.

i hope and pray whatever the outcome, that it builds us a brighter tomorrow and a safer world for our children and future generations. – traci xo

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