here goes another touchy subject…..

i’ve stayed quiet on my blog through the entire summer and this “fifty shades” phenom. ugh, i’m sickened just seeing the title on MY blog.

but law & order: svu did a storyline on the topic and it made me start thinking that i need to stop keeping it in. why it’s hurt so much. why it’s upset me so much. why i’m so glad that i had the support of a dear friend who too did not agree with the premise and understood why i was disgusted.

why you ask?

i’m a survivor. a survivor of rape by an older man i loved and thought loved me. not once or twice. but over and over and over again for years.

so to think that S&M and violence or rape of ANY kind turning one on is unthinkable to me. unimaginable.

and then to be proud and read these books and talk about it publicly, i cannot tell you how disgusted i am each time i read or hear a comment about it.

i’m sorry, i am not trying to embarrass anyone. i’m not trying to call anyone out, i’m trying to open some of your eyes. a best seller that everyone and their mother has read based on violent sex hurts me.

it hurts my soul.

it hurts my heart.

it hurts anyone that is a victim of sexual assault.

it pains me that so many people don’t realize how insensitive this book series in general, much less being top sellers, with the topic of a proposed movie and the hottest topic on the block hurts ANYONE who has been sexually assaulted.

my friends spent money to an author, to help her become famous and make money off of stories based on violent, brutal sex and rape.

imagine living each day thinking that the man you love might decide he wanted it that night and how he wanted it, but you didn’t want to. you say no. but, he reminds you takes care of you and this is his house. you comply. and then fall asleep with tears running down your face.

do you STILL find the book entertaining?

THIS is why i’m so upset. THIS is why i’m not willing to stay silent anymore.

i was sexually assaulted and you think it’s entertaining and a turn on.

think on that one for a while…….maybe you can understand now. ~traci xoxo

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