baby brady, you already own my heart!

dear brady, formerly “thing 3”,

friday will be 6-weeks since you came into this world. 6 whole weeks. i almost forget what it was like before you were here!

when you were on your way here to being born, i wrote a blog post that i just re-read and boy did it make me teary eyed. even before you were here i was so ready to love you. and boy do i ever!!

i’ve already gotten the chance to give you a bath for the first time, and you love it. just like your brother and sister.

you’ve started taking a bottle of mommy’s pumped milk from me and you are such a champ. mommy, bottle, pacifier, it doesn’t matter! just like your brother and sister. 🙂

the past week or so i’ve finally gotten a chance to spend some one-on-one time with you and get to know you. your personality is starting to form and you are so very sweet. your smile melts my heart already. brady, you’re not even 6 weeks old and i promise you, you have me wrapped around that tiny, dimpled little finger of yours, just like your sister and brother! ❤

this past monday, when i saw you for the first time in 4 days, you snuggled up while fussing, opened your eyes, looked up at me and smiled, grabbed my necklace (as always!) and went back to sleep. nothing could’ve melted my heart more.

you love sitting in my lap looking up at me from the boppy, and it’s cute to watch you make your cute little faces when the tree moves behind me. or i cover my face to attempt peek-a-boo.

you started out looking so much like your sister. and now i watch you A LOT and see so much of your brother. so far, in my opinion, you’re a true combination of the two. you’re a chunky monkey, and so very squishy and loveable!

so far, you don’t seem to mind my costume changes and picture taking, which is good. i anticipate soon, like your brother and sister before you, you’ll start posing when you see my iphone around.

i’m so lucky i get to have the relationship with you and your brother and sister that i do. not a day goes by that i don’t recognize that i am so lucky to have you in my life.

i look at you and i see hope.

i see the future.

i look into your eyes and see a baby who reminds me that there IS good in the world and that another compassionate, loving human being that i’m helping to grow, is going to go out there and take on all the challenges that life has to offer.

but stay little as long as you can! don’t rush! (okay, so not little as in tiny, but maybe little as in young please?) 😉

always know that when mommy and daddy can’t be there for you i will be.

i will always take care of you as if you were my own. just like i do with your brother and sister. i love them more than anything. and now i love you like that too. i didn’t know how i could make room for another one of you to love. your brother and sister have stolen my heart long ago. there’s nothing i wouldn’t do for them. but brady, i couldn’t love you more. you are a perfect addition to your family, and i’m so excited to watch you grow and learn and develop.

your brother, sister and i, cannot wait for you to meet riley and oliver. we’re trying to wait until you can pick up your head on your own, that’s what we did with leah and it worked perfectly. they look like moving stuffed animals who are going to be so excited to see you, especially riley.  she thinks SHE’s the nanny.

today, we took this picture. and as i look at it, i giggle and tear up…’re already looking at me like i’m nuts!

happy thursday everyone!! ❤  ~traci xox

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