words can hurt. i hope you can forgive me.

i made a mistake. someone i have grown to care about deeply was insulted by something i said (wrote) and i feel horrible.

as a child, we say “i’m sorry” and that should be enough, but sometimes, sorry just isn’t enough. and i don’t think it is here at all.

Peonies – the flower of shame.

to explain myself, i was in an angry place personally and i didn’t mean to hurt her but i can tell that i did.

i want her to know how much i have grown to care and love her and the past few days without being in touch with her have hurt my heart.

we all forget sometimes how perception of ones words make all the difference, regardless of how you meant them to sound. AND she has every right to have her feelings hurt, or just think i’m a giant douche. but truthfully i never set out to hurt her. at all. i would do anything to avoid that.

i love you. i have come to think of you as a close confidante and support and i feel like i ruined that, i am so sorry. it’s not okay, but i was lonely, sad and feeling like yet again more shit was running downhill my way, so i let it show in my words and i can’t take back what i said, i didn’t mean it viciously, but more than anything i cannot let this go. i feel horrible.

i love you. i hope you’ll forgive me. i hope admitting i was wrong and taking responsiblity will show you how much i care and how devastated i would be to lose you in my life. ❤

much love, now and always, ~ traci xoxo

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