SOA, last night, rocked it. (no spoilers!)

SOA, Season 5 Premiere was AMAZING.  For a show I just picked up in the past few months i am ADDICTED.  I tried my best not to write this with any spoilers, my apologies if I didn’t succeed but now my intention was never to spoil it for anyone! I’m looking for others to talk to about this show and I’m hoping blogging about it regularly will bring out the other SOA and SAMCRO fans!!

II mean, with a star like Charlie Hunnam, how can you NOT be??? 😉

We’ve seen his character Jax Teller morph into the now SAMCRO President.  He’s now a husband and father.  And he’s got his head in order.  And he’s on the path to turn the club into something that he believes his father JT wanted it to be. And most of all, while keeping his family safe and working on getting out of this life that his stepfather Clay has led them to. (more on Clay to come.)

“You have to find the things that you love and run to them” – Jax Teller

We see him in a new role this season. He’s grown, he’s changed and he’s got a plan.  I have every reason to believe that everything about this show is only going to keep getting better and better.  I read an article by series creator and director and actor (although not seen in the premiere) Kurt Sutter, who said that he sees this show going another 2 seasons after this one for a total of 7 seasons.  He says that he can’t imagine the show without Jax, Clay or Jemma, so it’s safe to say that as long as this show is on the air, those 3 will always be at the helm in some way. (which for the overly emotional is a relief to me!)

They did something I didn’t expect, they picked up right where they left off from Season 4.  Tara’s hand still bandaged, Clay still hospitalized, Opie still grieving for Piney, his father and the club in turmoil as the seeds of change have started. They stayed true to history, and they stayed true to storyline. I watch A LOT of TV, and rarely if ever, have I seen a season premiere that did such a great job of keeping it honest and true to its past.

Tara’s morphed from the surgeon she was in Season 1, Jax’s, one that got away, to being the NEXT Jemma Teller is more than obvious in the Season 4 finale…..and even more apparent in the premiere when she agrees to begin carrying a gun regularly.  It’s physical. It’s mental. And you see and feel it in small ways through the past 4 Seasons, but as of the Season 5 premiere, she’s taken her place, and she’s supporting her man no matter what her beliefs were before, Jaxson Teller is her one true love and she will do anything for him, and their boys Abel and Tommy.

Jemma has changed a lot too. She starts off the episode absolutely unlikable, and you don’t feel sorry for her like you thought you would after the end of Season 4.  She’s completely hit rock bottom and while I know we will see her work her way back up to the strong-headed, leading bitch she has always been, you see signs of her vulnerability and signs that she’s human.  She can’t keep those secrets anymore. She can’t keep living with the lies she’s lived with for the past 30 years. And in the end, her son Jax IS the most important thing to her, no matter what has gone on in th past.

Poor Opie is really all I can say there.  He blames everyone for his father’s death, which has brought up wounds from Donna’s death. He hates that he’s being asked to keep quiet about what actually went down in the Season 4 finale.  Opie blames the club and he can’t accept the route that Jax is taking, but that’s all about to change we find out as the episode moves on. Jax swears to Opie he won’t become Clay, and Opie says his biggest fear is he’s becoming Jax.

Clay has passed the gavel.  Clay holds no power.  Clay is diminished to the role that Piney once had.  He wears an oxygen tank, he can barely walk.  He talks like he can barely get the words out.  He’s lost everything, and he’s about to lose even more.  He can’t even ride.  It’s the best visual any show has done that shows the downfall of the villian, Clay and the rise of the hero, Jax.  And the fact that they’re stepfather & stepson just makes it that much more dramatic.

The addition of Jimmy Smits as Nero Padilla, is questionable to me right now, but in the end of the episode I started to see what I had heard Kurt Sutter say in that interview that Padilla’s going to become somewhat of a mentor to him. I love Jimmy Smits, Detective Bobby Simone from NYPD Blue is one of my favorite characters of ALL time on TV………I want to love this character. So far, I’m not convinced he fits.  His accent is awful, and I can’t quite figure him out yet.  But I anxiously await the morphing of his character.

The other new character we finally see is Pope of the rival gang.  He’s not the right actor for the role, or maybe the role is just so far-fetched and out there, you can’t quite figure him out yet (I even think he looks like a woman dressed as a man, no joke!). He’s a vicious motherfucker and he’s relentless and I don’t think the damage he’s done to SAMCRO so far is anywhere near the damage he WIL bring upon them in the coming weeks.

Overall, this show rocked my face off. I’ve saved it on my DVR to watch again because I know there are things that I’ve missed and it was a 90 minute episode and I was exhausted, but man, Kurt Sutter and his crew as ALWAYS never disappoints.

I’ll leave you with this quote that Jax Teller says while writing, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it all night long……..the truth of it? The rawness of it?? The sadness it brings to think about, I don’t know, but here I share.

“There’s an old saying, that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, I don’ believe that, I think the things that try to kill you make you angry and sad, strength comes from the good things. your family. your friends. the satisfaction of hard work. those are the things that’ll keep you whole. those are the things to hold onto when you’re broken.” – Jax

Do you watch?? Share your thoughts and opinions, I’m so curious!! I tried to write this without any real spoilers, my apologies if you felt otherwise. I look forward to the rest of the season and I hope to hear what you have to say about it! ~ traci xoxo

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