just pause

this morning when i woke up, it is 11 years since that awful morning on september 11, 2001 when our world changed forever.

i cannot pretend this day doesn’t affect me.

i cannot pretend that there aren’t still hundreds of families separated by this war.

i cannot pretend that it is just a normal day.

3,000 people died in the worst terrorist attack on american soil.

september 11, 2001, was the deadliest day in history for new york city firefighters: 343 were killed.

there’s nothing more to say. the tragedy lives in our hearts and our souls from watching those towers fall. its an image none of us will ever forget. it was the first and most tragic event of my adult life and something i remember feeling paralyzed to fix.

i hate that we have to spend the day doing normal things.

i hate that if we allow it to become a memorial day we let “them” win.

my heart goes out to all of the military families, who have husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, sons. and daughters abroad fighting this war.

for all of those that have served, i could never thank you enough, there are no words. you are braver than i could ever wish to be.

and to our future generations, 9/11 should never be a day that goes by without a moment of silence. a moment of pause. and a moment to remember some of the hero’s of that day.

i’m attaching a link to this article, i can’t even read it without crying. sobbing in fact. 9/11 brings back every fear i’ve ever had and i cannot let it go by unmentioned. unrecognized. and unmemorialized.

the very essence of a hero, who’s story touched my heart was Todd Beamer, who’s famous last words were “Let’s Roll” as he and other passengers tried to take back control of United Airlines Flight 93 from terrorists. i don’t know if i could’ve been that brave.

as we all know, the plane crashed in pennsylvania, killing all 37 people on board. but the courage of passengers like Beamer stopped the terrorists from using the plane to
possibly attack the White House, the U.S. Capitol, or some other building in
Washington D.C.

just pause today. pause to remember everything you can about 9/11, and be grateful for where stand today. ~ traci xoxo

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2 Responses to just pause

  1. Jennifer says:

    9/11 holds a huge place in my heart and is definitely a day i will never forgot. i can remember exactly where i was and what i was seeing on my tv as it it were yesterday. but i’m curious why you say you hate that we spend the day doing normal things or that having a memorial lets “them” win? i’m not sure how else we should be expected to proceed. yes, it was a very tragic event, but i think being able to keep our heads held high and move on with our lives shows what a strong nation we truely are. life cannot stop because of something that happened in the past; life has to move forward because of how we want things to happen in the future. continuing to live your “normal” life doesnt mean you forget, and i think all the people who lost their lives would want us to move forward as we remember them.

    • TraciBlogs says:

      I agree with everything you so eloquently stated Jenn. I personally do not feel that making today a national day of mourning let’s “them” win, that’s how it’s been decided by our former political regime. we do just continue as of today is just another day. And I agree what you’re saying however if what you’re saying, why do we observe July 4th? Veterans Day, Pearl Harbor Day or any other national holidays or days of remembrance. I would love today to be a day to put down the BS, to leave political rhetoric on the side and remember all of those who lost their lives and continue to fighting for us abroad.
      I don’t mean it in a negative way…..I mean it in a way that I want it to matter. Those 3,000 lives that were lost matter. ❤

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