the honest truth

I started to write a Facebook status update, and I ended up with a blog post. #truth


After listening to First Lady Michelle Obama speak last night and now Former President Bill Clinton tonight, I sit here proud to be a Democrat.

Proud to be a supporter of President Barack Obama.

Why you ask?

For starters……I AM the face of the uninsured.

I cannot afford healthcare. I am a college educated, hard-working, single, American born woman, who has lived without health insurance for almost 6 years now.

Each year I hope THIS will be the year that I can be insured again, it’s scary living without insurance.

Remember my finger incident when I almost cut it off in December of 2010?  The real reason I didn’t go to the hospital or doctor was because I was terrified of the out-of-pocket cost without insurance. I was unable to use that hand/finger normally for 5 months. Surely it would’ve healed faster had it been stitched to begin with at an ER the night I cut it, thank god for guardian angel nurse friends.

THIS is why I support Barack Obama.

I am also a survivor of rape, and some day, I want to have a child of my own. I hope to have a child of my own. But when I have that child, I want that to be my CHOICE.  When and with WHOM.

I refuse to allow this country to move backwards. As women, we have come to far to go backwards. NO ONE is going to tell me what I can and cannot do with my body. What’s next, taking away my right to vote?? Segregating bathrooms again??

THIS is why I support Barack Obama.

I am a single, unmarried 37-year-old woman.  Someday I want to be married.  And I would be devastated if someone told me that I couldn’t be. Why shouldn’t there be equality for all?? Why is it okay for me to marry a man but it’s not okay for two men to marry or two women.  We cannot go backwards, we’ve come to far.


My therapist has told me over and over again, long before this campaign began……. “You MUST go forward Traci.”

THIS is why I support Barack Obama.

And THIS is why I am a proud Obama supporter who will stay quiet no longer.

Over the next 9-weeks until this election I plan to volunteer and give of time to spread the word for people to get out and vote.

Hell, I’ve gotten Rene to vote for the first time in the 23 years he’s been eligible, and it didn’t take much. Register now. Mail in your vote. It’ll take you just a few minutes and you can make a difference. I believe that we can make a difference.  You can make a difference. I can make a difference.

Author’s note:  you have every right to disagree. But I ask you to please please do not use my FB page or Blog as a forum or place to mud-sling. We ALL have a right to our choices, and while I feel strongly about my opinions as I’ve stated above, YOU may have other important issues on your agenda and in your life that propel you to vote the way that YOU do.

i’ve been honest and candid and explained above WHY I will be voting how I will. I have no ill will to those with other concerns, and that choose to vote differently, just allow me that same respect. ~ traci xox

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2 Responses to the honest truth

  1. Heather says:

    so so SO well said. And so many of the same reasons and beliefs I have as well. It’s sad that we have become such a mud-slinging divided country.

    • TraciBlogs says:

      everyone can feel how they choose, but i wanted to explain to my republican followers and friends who don’t share my opinion WHY my stance is what it is! i shouldn’t have to defend myself, and i don’t feel i did. xox

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