Thing 3 will soon have a name!

to my new sidekick, as you are on your way into the world <3!!!

tonight’s the night!!!  well, i guess it’s this morning now!

i got the call at 2:45am, just 2 hours after falling asleep, so to say i’m discombobulated is an understatement!

but we were ready for you!

we anxiously have awaited your arrival and i can’t believe it’s finally here!

we don’t know if you’ll be a boy or a girl!

we don’t yet know your name! (although i’m fairly certain that Thing 3 has definitely stuck as my nickname for you!)

how big will you be??

who will you look like??

your brother and sister are asleep in the other room and i cannot wait to tell them that their new baby brother or sister is on its way! (but i’m fine with them sleeping late today FYI!)

i remember meeting each of your siblings for the first time. i cannot wait to meet you. hopefully tomorrow, your first full day in the world.

it’s after 5am PST, i’ve been here since 3am when they left for the hospital. i can only imagine and guess what’s going on there. all the excitement!

i wish i knew what was going on, but i understand mommy and daddy are busy. damn no text message updates yet!

your brother and sister mean everything to me and i cannot wait to get to know you like i know them.

i cannot wait to hold you in my arms and tell you that i’ll always be here for your when your mommy & daddy can’t be.

i cannot wait to bathe you for the first time i get to, in that blue bathtub that i first bathed your brother and then your sister. they were each the tiniest, youngest baby i had ever bathed. you will be too.

i can’t wait to look at your brother and sister when they see you for the first time at home!

at some point, your mommy will go back to work and it’ll be just you & me little pal. just like it was with leah and calen before her.

i can’t wait to be able to just hang out on the couch, with you on my legs looking at me and talk to you.

i can’t wait for that special time. to giggle, play, cuddle and just get to know each other.

to go out into the world and watch you look around at everything as if for the first time, soaking it in like a sponge.

will you be an easy baby? will you be a fussy baby?

will you have lots of hair or will you be bald??

will you like when i change your clothes 200 times a day and take pictures or will you fuss and roll your eyes?? 😉

when i came into this family 5 years ago i could never have imagined the impact that your family would have on me. they are MY family now too. all of them.

you are coming into this world so lucky and so blessed.

you will have the best big brother and big sister any kid could ask for……and amazing parents too!

i love you and i don’t even know you yet, but somehow, when i got that call at 2:45am, it all became real! all the extra work, all the anxious anticipation on how i’ll handle 3…..who cares…..A NEW BABY IS ON ITS WAY INTO OUR FAMILY!!! RIGHT NOW!!! ~ traci xoxo

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