my new obsession….Pandora, and not the streaming radio!

for my birthday last month, my parents gave me a Pandora bracelet. i’ll be honest. i was skeptical at first. i didn’t know anything about them, i didn’t know anyone who had one and i’d never ever see one before to be honest!

the fnished product

then i went to dinner with my friend anita last saturday night who was wearing one!!! and she introduced me to the world that is Pandora! OMG, it’s so perfect for me i can’t believe my mom waited THIS long to get it for me!!!

you get a starter bracelet. (i got the bracelet and the cool murano glass zebra print bead as my starter set from my parents as my birthday gift.

my birthday gift from my parents ……my Pandora bracelet starter bracelet.

then my friend introduced me to the need to get some locked beads so that the charms don’t fling all over the place all the time. i found adorable flowered ones!

flowered clasp beads

well then it was decision time. and the gentleman helping me was a tad on the opinionated side. like, between him and calen, i’m only positive i love one of my charms! just kidding!

i decided it needed another murano glass one to balance out the zebra print that my parents had gotten me. they didn’t have giraffe print in stock, which for the giraffe obsessed would’ve been the obvious choice, so instead i found this adorable ladybug one. it’s so cute! (i could NOT get the ladybug to photograph on the black no matter what i tried!)

then, i found a triangle shaped “T” that i thought would be adorable in the center of the bracelet.

well, calen decided that i HAD TO have a giraffe one, so he sent me on a wild goose chase online (i’m not complaining, i just thought it was funny he cared) and i found an adorable sterling silver giraffe one. i still want the murano glass giraffe print eventually.

sterling silver giraffe charm

…..and then, well, i couldn’t let the giraffe be the only animal on there, he needed a pal, and well, since you have to kiss a lot of frogs until you meet your prince…..he seemed like the perfect bead to complete my bracelet for now! 🙂

Sterling Silver Panora Frog Charm

i’m IN LOVE!!!

below is the link to the Pandora site. you can’t buy directly from them, but you can buy them at local jewelry stores in your mall. surprisingly, they aren’t particularly expensive. of course there ARE expensive ones, but i found TONS of adorable reasonably priced ones!

i did find an awesome site that you can buy the charms from directly, and they are the authentic Pandora charms.

hope you guys fall in love as much as i do!! they sure are fun!! ~ traci xoxo

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4 Responses to my new obsession….Pandora, and not the streaming radio!

  1. Kristina says:

    I can’t believe Pandora isn’t a big thing in California! I LOVE mine!

  2. Kourt says:

    Cute!! I’ve seen many Pandora bracelets and ads for them, glad you like it! I think the charms you picked are adorable and so you! Calen was right, you did need the giraffe one, but I think the giraffe Murano print will be really cute too!

    • TraciBlogs says:

      thank you so much!! i love it. i think i’d seen them, but, they aren’t really my taste normally, but clearly i’ve been converted quite easily!!! LOL thank you, i LOVE the giraffe, he’s so cute, but i will definitely NEED the murano glass giraffe print!

      oooh! i’ll send you a pamphlet or two when you get a bracelet or a charm and you can start leaving them around, maybe J will get the hint!! they aren’t outrageously priced AT ALL. i was very surprised actually at how reasonable most if it is!

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